The 10 Best Games Played in Kolhapur

best games to play in kolhapur

Kolhapur, a city with a rich historical backdrop and vibrant culture, is nestled in the southwestern part of Maharashtra, India. Known for its historical monuments, exquisite temples, and the renowned Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur holds a special place in the heart of history and culture enthusiasts. Beyond its historical significance, Kolhapur boasts a lively sports scene, offering a diverse range of games that cater to both outdoor and indoor enthusiasts. 

Among these, Ludo, known to have been played since ancient times, stands out as a testament to the city’s enduring love for traditional games. However, Kolhapur games culture is not limited to the indoors; the city thrives with a variety of outdoor and indoor games, each with its unique flair and history. Let us delve in & find out top games to play in Kolhapur indoor and outdoor. 

Outdoor Games Played in Kolhapur

Outdoor games in Kolhapur are not just about physical exercise; they are an embodiment of the city’s culture, spirit, and tradition. From the intense physicality of Kolhapuri Wrestling to the strategic maneuvering in Kabaddi, these games provide a glimpse into the city’s rich sporting heritage. Let’s dive into some of the most popular games to play in Kolhapur.

Kolhapuri Wrestling (Kushti) in Akharas

Kolhapuri wrestling, or Kushti, is more than just a sport in Kolhapur; It is one among the best games played in Kolhapur. it’s a tradition that has been passed down through generations. Practiced in the traditional mud pits called Akharas, this form of wrestling is a test of strength, stamina, and technique.

How to Play Kolhapuri Wrestling:

  • Two wrestlers grapple with each other, aiming to pin the opponent’s shoulders to the ground.
  • Matches are conducted on soft soil, in a circle, ensuring safety and tradition.
  • Victory is achieved by either a pin or points awarded for superior technique and control.

Places to Play Kolhapuri Wrestling:

  • Rajashri Shahu Khasbag Maidan
  • Khasbaug Kusti Maidan
  • Shahupuri Gymkhana

Kolhapuri Killa Marathon

The Kolhapuri Killa Marathon is not just a race; it’s a cultural journey that takes runners through the historic and scenic landscapes of Kolhapur. It combines athletic endurance with the exploration of the city’s rich heritage, making it a unique event for both participants and spectators. Runners pass by ancient forts (killa), temples, and natural landscapes, making it a visually stunning experience.

How to Play Kolhapuri Killa Marathon:

  • Register for the event, typically held annually.
  • Prepare through regular training and familiarization with the route.
  • Participate on the day, starting and finishing at designated points.

Places to Play Kolhapuri Killa Marathon:

  • Panhala Fort to Kolhapur City: A popular route for the marathon.
  • Shahu Stadium: Starting or finishing point for shorter races.

Kabaddi in Local Stadiums or Community Grounds

Kabaddi, a team sport deeply rooted in Indian culture, is enthusiastically played across Kolhapur. It requires no special equipment and is known for its mix of tagging and wrestling, demanding high levels of stamina, agility, and teamwork. The game is played in teams, where a single “raider” from one team tries to tag as many opponents as possible and return to their home territory without being tackled.

How to Play Kabaddi:

  • Teams take turns sending a “raider” into the opposing team’s half.
  • The raider must touch as many opponents as possible and return to their half in a single breath.
  • The defending team tries to tackle the raider before they return to their half.

Places to Play Kabaddi in Kolhapur:

  • OM Sai Kabaddi Club
  • Yaswant Kabaddi Club
  • Kss Kabaddi Gotewadi
  • Kabaddi Agastya
  • Hadapsar Sports Foundation
  • Sihgad Krida Mandal

Cricket in Parks and Open Grounds

Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of Kolhapur’s residents. It is one of the most popular games to play in Kolhapur outdoor. This bat-and-ball game, played between two teams, is a common sight in the city’s parks and open spaces. Enthusiasts of all ages gather to play, showcasing their batting, bowling, and fielding skills in friendly or competitive matches.

How to Play Cricket:

  • Two teams take turns to bat and field/bowl.
  • The batting team scores runs by hitting the ball and running between the wickets.
  • The fielding team aims to bowl out the batsmen and limit the runs scored.

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Places to Play Cricket in Kolhapur:

  • Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Stadium
  • R K Turf
  • Shastrinagar Cricket Ground in Shastri Nagar

Badminton and Tennis at Sports Complexes

Badminton and Tennis are racket sports that enjoy popularity in Kolhapur, with several sports complexes providing facilities for these games. These games are played individually or in pairs, requiring quick reflexes, precision, and strategic gameplay. Sports complexes in Kolhapur offer courts for training and competitive play, making them accessible to players of all skill levels.

How to Play Badminton:

  • Players hit a shuttlecock across a net aiming to land it in the opponent’s court.
  • The game is played in singles or doubles format.
  • Points are scored by landing the shuttlecock in the opponent’s court or if the opponent fails to return it properly.

How to Play Tennis:

  • Players hit a tennis ball over a net into the opponent’s court.
  • Played in singles or doubles, the objective is to score points by making shots the opponent cannot return.
  • The game requires skillful serving and strategic play to win points.

Places to Play Badminton and Tennis in Kolhapur:

  • Residency Club
  • Sachin Sports Academy
  • Arshad Desai Tennis Academy

These are some of the most popular games played in Kolhapur. Now let us find out indoor games in Kolhapur. 

Indoor Games Played in Kolhapur

The indoor games scene in Kolhapur is just as vibrant, with traditional and modern games coexisting harmoniously. From the strategic depths of Chess to the fun-filled strikes in Carrom, here’s a look at the indoor games that keep the people of Kolhapur entertained.

Chausar: A Timeless Board Game

Chausar, which is also well-named as Ludo, deeply rooted in the rich cultural tapestry of Kolhapur. This is one among the most popular indoor games played in Kolhapur. It is a traditional board game that has been enjoyed by generations. This game of strategy and luck, believed to have ancient origins, mirrors the complexity of life’s unpredictability and the strategic maneuvers one employs to navigate it. Often associated with the epic narratives of Mahabharata, where it was famously played, Chausar has seamlessly blended into the social fabric of Kolhapur, becoming a staple at gatherings and festive occasions.

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How to Play Chausar:

  • Played on a cross-shaped board, the game involves two or four players.
  • Each player has an allotted color and moves pieces along the board’s paths based on the throw of cowrie shells or dice, aiming to capture the opponents’ pieces.
  • The objective is to strategically move pieces across the board and safely reach the center or “home.”

With modern platforms like Zupee, Ludo can also be played online with dice or without dice in time- or move-based formats & win real cash.

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Chess: The Game of Kings and Queens

Chess, a game that transcends age and time, has a special place in Kolhapur, mirroring the city’s intellectual vibrancy and strategic depth. Although the origins of Chess in Kolhapur are not documented as ancient, the game has flourished over the years, becoming integral to the city’s cultural and educational fabric. Chess clubs and schools in Kolhapur are dedicated to nurturing the minds of young and old, making it a breeding ground for national and international chess masters.

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How to Play Chess:

  • Chess is played on a square board divided into 64 squares of alternating colors, with each player starting with 16 pieces.
  • The objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king, making it impossible for the king to escape capture.
  • Players must strategically move their pieces, each with unique movements, to attack and defend.

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Places to Play Chess in Kolhapur:

  • Kolhapur Chess Academy
  • The Royal Chess Club
  • Public Libraries
  • Indoor Sports Complexes

Carrom: Striking Fun in Every Corner

Carrom, a beloved indoor game, resonates with the people of Kolhapur for its simplicity and the nostalgia it evokes. Played across households and clubs, the game has become a symbol of togetherness and fun. Originating as a family pastime, Carrom in Kolhapur has evolved into a competitive sport with organized tournaments, reflecting the community’s passion and competitive spirit. You can play Online Carrom board game for free or with real money. 

How to Play Carrom:

  • Carrom is played on a square board, with the aim of pocketing all your designated pieces (either black or white) using a striker, followed by the red piece, or “queen.”
  • Players strike the striker with their fingers, aiming to use it to hit and pocket the carrom men.
  • The game can be played individually or in teams of two, with the objective to score the maximum points by pocketing pieces.

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Places to Play Carrom in Kolhapur:

  • Kolhapur Carrom Club
  • Youth Community Centers
  • Local Cafés and Tea Houses
  • Recreational Clubs
  • Sports Complexes

Darts: Aiming for Bullseye

Darts, while not traditionally Indian, has found its niche in Kolhapur, captivating many with its precision and challenge. This is one among the fun games in Kolhapur, often played in bars, clubs, and recreational centers, offers a blend of skill, concentration, and friendly competition. Darts in Kolhapur symbolizes the city’s openness to diverse recreational activities, providing a platform for social interaction and skill development.

How to Play Darts:

  • Players throw small missiles, darts, at a circular target, dartboard, fixed to a wall.
  • The objective is to score points by hitting specific marked areas on the board.
  • Games vary, but the common goal is to reduce a fixed score to zero, with the bullseye and other strategic spots offering higher points.

Places to Play Darts  in Kolhapur:

  • Local Sports Bars
  • Recreational Clubs
  • Community Centers

Foosball : Kolhapur’s Table Soccer Scene

Foosball, or table soccer, has surged in popularity in Kolhapur, appealing to the youth and the young at heart. This fast-paced game, reminiscent of soccer, is played on a table equipped with rotating bars controlling miniature players. Foosball tournaments and casual play sessions in Kolhapur reflect the city’s enthusiastic embrace of global leisure activities, fostering camaraderie and competitive spirit among players.

How to Play Foosball:

  • Two or four players compete, manipulating the bars to control figures mounted on them to strike a ball into the opponent’s goal.
  • The objective is to score goals by moving the ball using the table figures.
  • Players must use strategy and quick reflexes to defend their goal while attempting to score against their opponents.

Places to Play Foosball in Kolhapur:

  • Gaming Arcades
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Community Recreational Halls

Kolhapur’s gaming landscape offers a vibrant mix of tradition and modernity, showcasing a broad spectrum of activities that embody the city’s rich cultural heritage. Besides fostering community spirit, these best games played in Kolhapur also highlight the city’s role as a cultural hub. They serve to unite people across different backgrounds, celebrating the universal joy of play. Kolhapur’s commitment to preserving and evolving its gaming culture makes it a unique destination for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Kolhapur games: FAQs

What are some popular outdoor games in Kolhapur?

Popular outdoor games in Kolhapur include Kolhapuri Wrestling (Kushti), Kabaddi, and the Kolhapuri Killa Marathon.

Can I play any indoor game online in Kolhapur?

Yes, many indoor games like Ludo, Chess and Carrom can be played online in Kolhapur through various gaming platforms and apps.

What are the most popular indoor games in Kolhapur?

The most popular indoor games in Kolhapur are Chess, Carrom, and the traditional board game Chausar(Ludo).

Are there any indoor gaming tournaments in Kolhapur?

Yes, Kolhapur hosts various indoor gaming tournaments, especially for Chess and Carrom, attracting players from different skill levels.

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