Tricks to play Chess – 8 Chess tips to win the game

tricks to play chess

Chess is one of the intellectual games of tactics and strategy. So to win a chess game, you need to put your best foot forward. In this article, we discuss some of the best chess tips and tricks that will help you master the game of chess and play it like a pro.

When you checkmate your opponents in the game’s final moment, it feels fantastic, doesn’t it? Hence, to ensure that you beat your opponent, we have worked out some excellent tricks to play chess used by some real-life chess champions. So make sure to be with us till the end to find out!

Importance of learning Chess tips and tricks

It’s essential to learn the tricks to play chess because:

  • It will help you calculate variations more effectively.
  • You will commit fewer mistakes.
  • You will be able to take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes.
  • There will be less chance of you getting trapped.
  • You can achieve strategic advantages and instinctively know when and where to look for tactical opportunities.

Now it’s time for us to have a look at these eight chess tips which will help you to learn some fantastic tricks to win.

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8 best tips and tricks to play chess

Before you jump into knowing chess tricks and tips, it is vital that you first understand how to play chess and get familiar with the fundamental rules. Once you have a basic understanding of the chess game, it’s time for you to look out for various tricks that you can deploy to make your hold stronger in the game. 

Here are the 8 best tricks and tips for playing chess:

  1. Make your move wisely
  2. Know the best time to exchange pieces
  3. Develop the pieces quickly
  4. Castle the king to safety
  5. Dominate your opponent in the ‘Middle game’
  6. Observe the opponent’s move Carefully
  7. Be aware of traps
  8. Control the central four squares
Chess Tips and Tricks

Make your moves wisely

Before you consider a move, you need to ask yourself:

  • Is the movement of the piece safe in its new position?
  • Will this move protect me against the traps of my opponent?
  • Will I be in an even better position by moving the piece?

Your deliberate move in any particular game situation may or may not be the best, even if it fetches you better points. So to improve your chess game, it is better to wait until you observe a good move and then look for an excellent one!

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Know the best time to exchange pieces

In a chess game, each piece moves differently and carries specific points. Generally, the perfect time to exchange is when you can capture pieces having greater value than the pieces you will be losing. But if your opponent is wise enough, you won’t get this opportunity. So, you must know some tricks to learn when to trade pieces & when to not.

The decision on which piece to trade cannot be solely based on material value. You need to consider the position of that piece in the game. For example, a pawn in the seventh rank is more worthy than an isolated double pawn that your opponent’s knight blocks.

Moreover, if you have developed pieces, you should avoid exchanging them, unless it gives you a tactical advantage. Also, suppose your opponent is in a confined position, it becomes difficult to move too many pieces, but you can easily move a few. So, the best time to trade your chess piece is:

  • When you can weaken the pawn structure of your opponents
  • When you have a confined position and your opponent controls the game.

Develop the pieces quickly

If you focus too much on just a few specific pieces, it becomes easy for your opponents to capture your strategy. You can then get caught in their traps. So, you must use all your arsenal pieces and move them to a position where they can participate in the fight.

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Players who develop their chess pieces efficiently to powerful posts and set them for action sooner will be able to control the course of the game. Many opening moves can help you establish your chess pieces in a better position. Some openings like Queen’s Gambit allow you to gain a positional advantage by sacrificing a pawn.

Take a look at the 16 best chess opening moves that can help you trap your opponent.

Castle the king to safety

The game’s objective is to checkmate the king. So you must learn some trick to save your king. It generally becomes a great idea to castle your king in a secure place. Castling or entering the rook can be done when the blocks between the rook & king are clear. You can then move your king two squares over to the rook. Your rook moves to cover your king’s other side. This excellent trick should be done early in the game so that if your opponent forgets to castle their king, you can then launch an attack on their king.

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Dominate your opponent in the ‘Middle game’

Once all your pieces are developed quickly, you head into the middle game. At this point, look for ways to launch an attack, capture pieces, and dominate the opponent without compromising your position. Some of the principles that you need to keep in mind to strengthen your middle game are:

  • Centralize your pieces: The pieces in the center of the board can control more squares than anywhere else. For example, if your Knight is in the center, it can control 8 squares, compared to 2 squares when cornered.
  • Do not trade your central pawns: Central pawns are valuable during the mid-game as they allow you to control central squares, i.e., d4,e5,e4,d5. You can use them as supporting pieces and develop a strong attack in the center and on the queen’s and king’s sides.
  • Look out for the opponent’s isolated pawn: An isolated pawn can launch a powerful attack because it supports pieces and provides extra space. Thus, always block your opponent’s isolated pawn, and the best piece you can use to do so is the knight.
  • The power of two bishops: Keeping both your bishops till the mid-game is crucial. The two bishops help protect your other pieces rather than attacking your opponent. What is more powerful than two bishops, two knights. Take a look at this article to learn more about bishop and knight’s strategy for the mid-game.

Observe the opponent’s move carefully

You should always observe your opponent every time they make a move and ask yourself why they made that move? Will that move, threaten any of my pieces? Are there any additional threats that I should be aware of?

To defend against the opponents’ threats, you must know about various strategies and moves first. There are opening moves that you can look out for, or beware of the different checkmate patterns so that you can tackle them. For example, you should be aware that Sicilian defense (1.c5) will be one of the best moves to counter 1. e4 opening of white. 

Similarly, if you want to trap your opponent’s king after castling, you should know that Anastasia’s mate would help you do that.

Thus, knowing various moves that your opponent can do will help you evaluate how to counter them.

Be aware of traps

A crucial tip to win a chess game is to be alert in almost any position of the game. Game awareness prevents you from your opponent’s traps and severe threats. Many world champions are found to lose winning positions only because they relaxed too soon. If you have a better position, you still must observe what your opponent is thinking. Are they laying traps? One careless move could throw away your advantage in the game.

So no matter what the position is like, you have to be alert. A little bit of extra awareness can help us pay off in a big way.

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Control the central four squares

You will have a better initiative in the chess game if you can control the four squares in the center of the board. A piece holding a position in the center controls a greater portion of the board as it enables you to have different possible moves. Also, controlling the center allows you to move your pieces from one side of the board to the other. Hence, this cool chess trick helps you to set up an attack before the opponent brings over enough pieces to defend.

So there you have it! The best chess tricks and tips to excel over your opponents and win like a pro! Learning these tips and mastering them will help you develop your tactical skills and awareness.

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Chess Tricks – FAQs

How can I win a tempo in a chess game?

When you achieve the desired result by making fewer moves, you then effectively ‘win a tempo’ in a chess game.

What is the term ‘undermining’ in a chess game?

Undermining is a tactical strategy that involves removing a defender or guard in a chess game.

What is the best chess trick to attack in the endgame?

In the endgame, it’s best to allow our king to attack whenever possible, providing he remains within reach from the final pieces of our opponents. Take a look at the top chess strategies to play the game like a pro.

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