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Why Play Cricket Games on Zupee?

How to download cricket games?

You can download Zupee Cricket cards by installing Zupee App. Watch the video below:

Zupee Cricket Cards – Steps to download

Here are the steps to install and play cricket cards game on Zupee:

  1. Step 1: Click “Download App” button.
  2. Step 2: Ignore the general warning message and Click “OK”. Zupee is 100% Safe.
  3. Step 3: Locate the Zupee App by checking phone notification and install it.
  4. Step 4: Complete the registration and select Zupee Cricket Cards game from the list of real cash games on Zupee.

Cricket Trump Cards

Online cricket cards are a type of card game that typically involves collecting and trading virtual cards that depict different cricket players or teams. One of the popular variants of cricket cards is Cricket trump cards. They are similar to traditional trump cards, but instead of featuring general categories such as speed or strength, they depict various statistics and attributes of cricket players.

What is Zupee Cricket Cards Game?

Zupee Cricket Cards is an online multiplayer game where cricket, trump cards, and winning real money converge! It is an exciting new format of the Trump Cards game where you can play Cricket trump cards with multiple players joining a tournament. Prove your prowess in cricket in this entertaining game and take home real cash!

In Zupee Cricket Cards game, each player gets a set of cards and takes turns selecting a category from their card to challenge their opponent’s corresponding category. The winner of the round is the player with the higher value in that category

How to play cricket games?

To play Cricket Games on Zupee, you must download the app and choose which card game you want to play – Trump Cards Mania or Zupee Cricket Cards. Cricket Cards is a tournament version of the successful Trump Cards Mania.

Zupee Cricket Cards Gameplay

Here are the steps to play Zupee Cricket Cards game:

  • Each player will get 11 cards with the all-time top 100 IPL players’ stats.
  • The cricket cards are divided into 3 tiers: gold, silver, and bronze. The Tier of a card is decided based on the total runs made by the player.
  • Every player gets 4 gold, 3 silver, and 4 bronze cards.
  • You start the game by choosing a captain and a vice-captain from all the cards available to you.
  • You can choose to go with Popular Choice or select manually. You get 60 seconds to do this.
  • If you miss, you will not get the 3x captain round and 2x Vice Captain Round, where you have the opportunity to score the most! So, make sure you choose your captain and vice-captain within 60 seconds.
  • Once you’ve chosen your captain and vice-captain, your rounds begin.
  • The game has 11 rounds – one cricket card for each round.
  • Choose a stat in each card you want to challenge other players with.
  • Don’t worry. You and all your opponents play cards from the same tier in each round. For. e.g., Your gold tier cards play against only the gold tier cards of other players.
  • You get 10 seconds to finish every round, and if you miss selecting a stat, you will get zero points for that round.
  • You earn one point for every player you beat in a round and one point for every player you tie with:
    • For e.g., in a game of 1000 players, if the stat you choose in Round 1 wins against 300 players and ties with 200 players, your score will be calculated as 300+200=500 points.
  • If you win a round with your Captain card, your points will be 3x, and if you win with your Vice-Captain card, your points for that round will be 2x.
    • For e.g., if you get your Captain card in Round 1 and beat 300 players, and tie with 200 players, your score will be calculated as 300+200 x3 times=1500 points.
  • Winners are ranked based on their scores at the end of the tournament.

Cricket cards game Key Gameplay Points

To win Cricket cards game on Zupee, you need to follow these rules:

  • Zupee Cricket Cards is a multiplayer game where each player gets 11 cards from 3 tiers; 4 Gold, 3 Silver, and 4 Bronze cards.
  • All players play cards from the same tier in each round.
  • Rounds start after players choose their captain and vice-captain by choosing popular choice cards or by manual selection.
  • Players get 60 seconds to choose captain and vice-captain.
  • Choose one stat in each round based on what will perform the best against most players’ cards.
  • Stats once selected, cannot be unselected.
  • Scores are calculated once all participants submit their stats for all 11 rounds.
  • You get 1 point for every player you win against in a round and 1 point when you tie with players.
  • If you win a round with your Captain or Vice Captain card, your points will be 3x and 2x, respectively.
  • All participants’ scores are then compared and ranks are announced when the tournament ends.

Cricket Cards - Tips and Tricks

  • Consider all of your cards before you choose your captain and vice-captain.
  • Make sure you choose your captain and vice-captain within 60 seconds, as not selecting will mean you don’t get a 3x or 2x round.
  • Cards from all tiers gold, silver, and bronze can make a great Captain or Vice-Captain.
  • Brush up your cricket IPL knowledge to score better.

Zupee Cricket Cards - Facts

  • Zupee Cricket Cards is a tournament version of the successful Trump Cards Mania by Zupee.
  • Zupee’s Trump Cards Mania is India’s first real money trump cards game.
  • Zupee Cricket Cards statistics are based on IPL’s top 100 all-time batsmen ranked by total runs scored by them.
  • All stats were obtained after the Indian Premier League 2023 and sourced from Cricket Archive.
    • To ensure a fair game, cards from only the same tier are played against each other. Your gold cards are compared with only gold cards.

Zupee Cricket Cards - FAQs

Yes. You can play cricket games online on Zupee. Zupee Cricket Cards is a new format of game where you win money while playing trump cards. Cricket Cards is a multiplayer tournament format game that is an advanced version of the famous Trump Cards Mania.

Cricket card games offer a shorter and more strategic experience. These card games generally involve forming a team and strategically using the cards to earn points. They provide a compact and engaging way to enjoy cricket-themed gameplay.  

You can join Zupee Cricket Cards by downloading the Zupee app. To start playing, locate the game on the app. You have to install the game after which you can access it on your app. Go to the lobby page and choose what game to play. You can see all the details of the game and join a game from there. 

Yes, you can win real money in the Zupee Cricket Cards game. Zupee also offers online real cash games like Ludo, Tambola, and Trump cards.
Yes. It is safe to play Zupee Cricket Card on Zupee. Zupee app is 100% safe and secure and only partners with verified payment gateway companies.

Yes. Withdrawing your winnings from the Zupee Cricket Cards game is super easy. Fill in the required bank details and select withdraw option on the Zupee App. Money will instantly get transferred to your account.

Yes. It is safe to add money to the Zupee wallet and play cricket game. Zupee has partnered with credible companies like Razorpay, Cashfree, and Juspay to ensure safe and smooth transactions.

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