3 Reasons Why Ludo Became Our Biggest Childhood Nostalgia

Ludo Game - Childhood Nostalgia

For 90s kids, November 14 is as insignificant as DVDs and VCR players today. Let’s be honest: there are a few things in life that we don’t feel as connected to as we did back then. However, there are things that are etched in our sweet, sweet memories. Like playing Ludo. 

Those playfights we had with our siblings when they would kill our pawn. The creative ways we would throw our dice to get a six. And the funniest of all — casting a spell on the dice before tossing it. There are only good memories to cherish! 

Board games have come and board games have gone, but Ludo has remained a constant in our khaali time. Here’s why Ludo, in all its iconic glory, remains a game that transports us back to our childhood and keeps our inner child alive. 

Ludo Didn’t Change… 

Remember when marbles (kanche) were cooler than marvels? Well, nobody plays them anymore. We watched Doordarshan more than Netflix. Does anyone even watch DD anymore? Even our favorite, SuperMario got new facelifts in every new decade. Everything we’ve seen since our childhood has either seen an upgrade or has been discontinued. 

Being 90s kids, we’re still stuck in simpler times, and Ludo satisfies our needs by providing the same thrill, suspense, twists, and turns as it did back in the day—all while maintaining the same look and feel over these years.

It Just Made Board Games Great… 

Board games came and went. Yes, a lot of them edged out. But as we saw the unique marriage of modern technologies and new perspectives in the late 90s, Ludo stood the test of time. The pandemic somehow reiterated its popularity as families began to spend time together under one roof and happily got lost in the complexity of this game without realizing how much they loved this game and how influential it was during their childhood.  

Childhood Nostalgia And Age No Bar…

Why is Ludo so much loved in today’s times? The answer lies behind the innate sense of childhood nostalgia attached to Ludo which is why generations after generations kept this board game alive. Its emotional appeal is so strong that it still dominates the board game industry. 

No matter what age you are, Ludo treats all its players as equals, and that’s how everyone collectively upskills themselves with triumphs and bittersweet moments. As kids, we loved experiencing the roller coaster of emotions while playing Ludo. And even today, we’re still chasing that same emotional stimulation as we compete against strangers in an online Ludo game. 

Today, as we ring in another Children’s Day, let’s celebrate it with something that made our childhood awesome: a game of Ludo. 

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