Ludo App Download (APK/iOS)

Ludo App Download

Discover the exciting world of Ludo, where the classic board game has found a new home in the digital realm. Ludo App Download provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are excellent platforms to explore and download various Ludo games. However, if you are looking for online Ludo games where you can win money, make sure to go to the official site for Ludo app download. Watch the video below to learn how to download Ludo game on your phone:

In this guide, we explore the best platforms for Ludo game download, providing an overview of popular options.  Join us on a virtual journey where the dice rolls and excitement never cease. Unlock the potential of the Ludo app download and enjoy the game on your phone!

Ludo App Download

Ludo is a traditional board game that originated in India during ancient times. It was known as Chaupar or Chausar in the 16th century and was played with sixteen pieces, three dice, and a cross-shaped board (usually made of cloth). Alfred Collier patented the modern Ludo game in England in 1896. Pachisi, however, was its original name before being renamed Ludo (in India).

Fundamentally, Ludo is a dice game, accommodating two to four players. Each player’s token is colored differently in the ludo game, typically red, blue, yellow, and green. With the advent of technology you can download ludo and play online games. One such app where you can play various types of online Ludo games is – Zupee! Zupee offers 4 types of Ludo games – Ludo Supreme, Ludo Supreme League, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo!

So, what you are waiting for? Join millions of players and download Zupee Ludo today for an unparalleled gaming experience that blends tradition with modern rewards. Here is an overview of Ludo App download:

Ludo App Download The Ultimate Ludo Online Gaming Experience
App Name Zupee
Ludo Games Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, & Ludo Supreme League
Platform Android & iOS
Size Approx. 60MB
Developer Cashgrail Pvt Ltd
Downloads 7+ Million
Rating 4.4 stars out of 5

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When you play Ludo online, the rules and gameplay are slightly tweaked. Jump to the relevant section to see – online vs. offline ludo games.

Ludo App: Why & Where to download from?

One of the primary reasons to download a Ludo game app is convenience. With the app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy Ludo anytime, anywhere, without needing a physical board or pieces. Whether traveling, waiting for a friend, or simply relaxing at home, the Ludo game app brings excitement to your fingertips.

Now, let’s explore the best places to download Ludo games. The most popular options are app stores, such as the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Simply search for “Ludo game” in the app store’s search bar, and you’ll have various options.

Consider user ratings, reviews, and features when selecting a Ludo game app. Look for apps that offer a smooth and intuitive user interface, engaging gameplay modes, and options to play with friends or against AI opponents. Some apps may offer additional features like customizable themes, different variations of Ludo, and online multiplayer modes for challenging players worldwide.

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Ludo App Download for Money

If you’re looking for an added incentive to download a Ludo game app, consider the opportunity to win real money by playing Ludo online on platforms like Zupee. Zupee offers a unique gaming experience where you can compete against other players in Ludo tournaments and win cash. You can turn your passion for the game into a rewarding endeavor by showcasing your Ludo skills.

To participate in Ludo money games on Zupee, simply download the Zupee gaming app, create an account, and explore the available Ludo online games and tournament options. Cash tournaments may require an entry fee or involve playing against skilled opponents, so be prepared for a competitive challenge.

Remember that cash games can not be downloaded from the Google Play store. You must go to the official website to download Ludo games for cash.

Ludo App Download on mobile

By downloading Zupee Ludo App, you can play 4 types of Ludo games on mobile:

  1. Ludo Supreme
  2. Ludo Turbo
  3. Ludo Supreme League
  4. Ludo Ninja

All the above 4 games are free to download on Zupee. All Android and iOS users can download the Zupee App. However, iOS users can only play the Ludo Surpeme game.

Ludo Games to Download online

Play Ludo on your Android phone: Download Ludo Ninja APK | Download Ludo Turbo APK | Download Ludo Supreme League APK | Download Ludo Supreme Gold APK & Win upto 10 Lakhs!

Let’s look at the steps for the Ludo game download on Zupee.

Ludo Download on Android

There are several popular Android applications for playing the online Ludo game. But which Ludo app download will be the most suitable for your Android devices?

Why not try out 4 different Ludo games by downloading just 1 App?

Play four types of Zupee Ludo online games, which provide a fresh, exciting, and quicker way to play the Ludo board game. Each game is unique and can help you win up to Rs.10 lakhs in monthly winnings!

To play Zupee ludo games, you must first download the Zupee apk. Here are the steps to download Ludo games on Android:

  • Click on the Download App button on this page.
  • Ignore the general warning message. Zupee App is 100% safe and secure.
  • Voila! Your Ludo online apk is downloaded.
  • Locate the app by checking notifications or “My files > Downloads folder”.
  • Install and sign up!
  • Select the real cash game you want to play
  • Start playing, winning money, and withdrawing cash instantly.

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Ludo Download on iOS

On the iOS platform, there are fewer Ludo games available to download. Fortunately, Apple users will not be disappointed because the most popular Zupee ludo game is also available on iOS. However, only the Ludo Supreme game is available for iOS devices!

Here are the steps to download the Ludo games on iOS devices:

  • Locate Zupee App on iOS OR just Click the Download App button on this page below.
  • Tap the “Get” option to save the Ludo app on your iOS devices.
  • After downloading, open the app and begin the sign-up process.
  • Start playing Ludo Supreme on Zupee.
  • Win real money and withdraw cash instantly.

Post Ludo App download: 6 Steps to Follow

After downloading the Ludo app from Zupee, it is time to explore and play Ludo online with the thrill of real money. Here are the steps to play after downloading the Ludo game app:

  • Step 1: Select your preferred Ludo game
  • Step 2: Select your preferred game options
  • Step 3: Begin the Ludo game
  • Step 4: Capture/Safeguard token
  • Step 5: Earn maximum points
  • Step 6: Earn Extra moves
  • Step 7: Win the Ludo game

Step 1: Select your preferred Ludo game

Zupee, one of the best online ludo-playing apps, provides four different online ludo games in which you can win real money: Ludo Supreme, Ludo Supreme League, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo. Each game has its rules and gameplay, so we must learn how to play them to increase our chances of winning.

Learn the difference between the four ludo online games.

Step 2: Select your preferred game options

Take a look at the various gaming option available post downloading Ludo games on Zupee:

Online Ludo Games Gaming options
Ludo Supreme Free games, 1vs1, 1 winner, 2 winners, and 3 winners.
Ludo Supreme League Single-player gameplay.
Ludo Turbo Free games, 1vs1, 1 winner, 2 winners, and 3 winners.
Ludo Ninja Free games, 1vs1, 1 winner, 2 winners, and 3 winners.

Step 3: Begin the Ludo game

To begin the Ludo game, tap on the dice. Depending on the number on the dice, select the token you want to move. However, this rule is invalid for Ludo Ninja, as it is a dice-less game. Begin the Ludo Ninja game by looking at the upcoming dice values. For all 4 Ludo games, you don’t need to roll a 6 to start.

Step 4: Capture/Safeguard token

For all 4 Zupee Ludo games, land on the opponent’s token/tokens presented on the board to capture it and safeguard your token by landing on safe spots.

Step 5: Earn maximum points, within the timeframe

The points system for all 4 online ludo games on Zupee is slightly different. Moreover, Zupee Ludo games are both time-based and move-based. Take a look at how to earn points post downloading the Ludo game on Zupee:

Ludo Online Games How to earn points? No. of Moves/Timeframe
Download Ludo Supreme & Win Cash 1 point = 1box moved
56 points = Home
2-player game: 8 minutes
4-player game:10 minutes
Ludo Supreme League APK Download 1 point = 1box movedSingle-player: 36 moves
Ludo Turbo: Speed Ludo APK 1 point = 1box moved
56 points = Home
2-player game: 30 moves
4-player game: 18 moves
Play Ludo Online and Win Real Cash on Ludo Ninja1 point = 1box moved
56 points = Home
2-4 Players: 24 moves

Step 6: Earn Extra moves

For all 4 Ludo online games, you get an extra move:

  • To capture the opponent’s token.
  • When you take your token home.

Ludo Supreme and Ludo Turbo players also get an extra move when they roll a 6 in the game.

Step 7: Win the Ludo game

You win by earning maximum points in Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo. To win Ludo Supreme League, you must earn maximum points and rank the highest on the leaderboard.

Ludo Download: Online vs. Offline

Let’s look at some key differences between an online and classic ludo game:

  1. Dice Roll
  2. Player Availability
  3. The tempo of the game
  4. Cash games, tournaments, and large payouts
Ludo download - online vs. offline

Dice Roll

In ludo online games, the dice are rolled automatically by touching them. As a result, the numbers are completely random, and players cannot cheat. In the physical game, however, the die is rolled by hand. As a result, the numbers can get tampered with based on how a player rolls the dice.

The real cash ludo games get RNG certification to make sure the numbers on the dice are random. Zupee Ludo games also have RNG certifications to maintain fair play. You can check out Zupee’s ludo games RNG certification here.

Player Availability

The online versions of the ludo game allow you to play with multiple players online at your leisure. An online multiplayer mode lets you play with a verified random player online. On the contrary, in a traditional ludo game, you need to be present to play the game.

The tempo of the game

As the players must roll the die and make a move within a certain amount of time, online ludo games are fast-paced and only a click away. On the other hand, offline classic ludo games last a long time because each player takes their time rolling the die and making a move.

Cash games, tournaments, and large payouts

You can choose from various contests (free and paid) and tournaments in online ludo games and compete for large cash prizes. However, playing with real money is prohibited in a classic Ludo game because it is unregulated. Most people only play offline Ludo without using real money.

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Ludo App download: FAQs

How do I download Ludo on my smartphone or tablet?

To download Ludo on your device, visit your device’s app store (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store), search for “Ludo,” select a suitable app from the results, and click on the “Download” or “Install” button. If you are looking for Ludo games where you can win real cash, you won’t find them on Google Play Store. Just head to the official site of the game and download from there.

Are there different variations of Ludo available for download?

Yes, Ludo game apps often provide different game variations, such as Ludo Ninja (a dice-less game), Ludo Supreme League (a single-player game), Ludo Supreme (a time-based game), and Ludo Turbo (a speed Ludo game).

How to download Zupee Ludo Games?

To download the Zupee Ludo games, visit the Zupee official website and locate the download App button. Install and Sign up on the app, and select the Ludo game you want to play.

Are Ludo game apps free to download?

Many Ludo game apps are available for free download. However, some apps may offer additional features or ad-free experiences through in-app purchases or premium versions. Zupee App is free to download, and you can play Ludo games without any entry fee.

How to win money from online games apk?

Many online money games APKs are available today. Zupee is one of the best real cash apk to play games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, and Trump Cards.

How can I win the ludo game online?

One way to win a ludo game online is to land your token on the opponent’s token. Look at this article to learn about 15 Ludo tricks to always win the online game.

Can I play Ludo on my iPhone and Android devices?

Yes, Ludo game apps are available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Can I withdraw money from Ludo App?

Yes. Generally, once your account is verified by the Ludo app, you can easily withdraw cash. Take a look at the Zupee Ludo money withdrawal process.

Why should I download Ludo games on Zupee?

Zupee is an excellent gaming platform for playing online Ludo games for money or improving our skills with free practice games. Furthermore, it is entirely safe and legal, with dedicated customer support available 24×7. You can play 4 types of Ludo games on Zupee and can stand a chance to win real money.

Do I get a welcome bonus when I download the Zupee Ludo app?

Yes. Everyone who signs up for the Zupee Ludo app will receive a signup bonus.

Is playing online Ludo safe?

Yes. Online ludo gaming is safe and secure unless you play on any fraud platform. Zupee is a well-known app, and playing Ludo on Zupee is 100% safe and secure. Take a look at how to look for genuine ludo games online.