FAQs for Play With Friends (PWF)

What is Play with Friends (PWF)?
Play with Friends (PWF) enables you to play Ludo Supreme (2 player, 1v1) with your friends. You can play games with Entry Fee 0 to 100. The entire prize pool will be awarded to the winner. In case of a tie, the prize pool will be split among parties.
How do I add new friends?
Click on the “Invite New Friend” button > Share your invite to your friend over WhatsApp or any other app > Your friend will have to install the app, signup and then will be able to play with you.
If I invite my new friend, will they be able to play with me immediately?
Yes, but first they will have to install the app and signup.
Do I get any benefits on inviting a new friend?
Yes, standard referral benefits apply. You can find the same by clicking on “Know More” below the “Invite New Friend” button
If I am inviting a new friend and he is already a Zupee user, then what?
Your friend will be able to play the game by clicking on the invite link that you share with them. They will be added to your “Existing Friends” after completing the game. However, you will not receive any referral bonus as they already are an existing Zupee user.
I did not get referral bonus on signing up on the Zupee App
“There could be 2 cases. 1. You had signed up using the same credentials in the past and hence are not considered a new referred user 2. The friend who referred you has already completed more than 30 referrals and as a result, both are not eligible for referral bonus”
I was invited to play my first game with my friend but I am not able to find / start the game
Please use the link shared by your friend to rejoin the table
Who are my existing friends?
Any person you have successfully referred in the past is automatically added as your existing friend
Can I remove my existing friends?
Currently, you cannot remove or block friends. You are allowed to decline their game requests.
I referred a new friend who is not an existing Zupee user but did not get any referral bonus
If you have referred more than 30 people in your lifetime, you will not receive referral bonus for any further referrals. However, you can continue to refer and add more friends.
There are some existing friends that have a masked phone number, I don’t know these people?
Any person you have referred is added to your existing friends. Once these users updated their username, the same will be reflected in your existing friends.
I am not able to find my friend in View All friends section
Your friend might have a different username. However, you can send them a new friend invite on WhatsApp / other apps and play with them using the link. Post the first game, they will appear in your friend list or you will learn on their username.
Can I play with more than 1 friend at a time?
No, You can invite only 1 friend at a time. If you have multiple invites, you can only accept 1 at a time.
My friend had invited me but why I cannot see the invite on my PWF homepage?
Each invite is valid for 15 minutes only. At the time of invitation, you are informed via push notification, SMS. Your friend can also share the invite with you on WhatsApp.
How many pwf game invites / request can I get?
You can receive a maximum of 4 invites at a time. As and when you accept or reject any invite, new invites will flow.
What does “request inbox full” mean?
This means you currently have at least 3 active invites. To avoid flooding users with too many request, there is a limit.
If I see “Request Inbox Full”, does that mean I will not receive any more invites?
No, you can receive new requests only if you accept or decline existing invites.
My friend is trying to invite me but is not able to
Your request inbox is full. You will have to clear existing invites to receive new invites.
I accidentally declined a request, how do I undo this?
Once, declined you cannot undo. However, you can send a new request to your friend
A friend is repeatedly sending requests to me and I do not want to play with them
You may decline their requests.
I accepted an invite and had enough balance but got a message of insufficient balance
Please check the usable limits of cashback and bonus.
I joined the game but my friend did not, will I get my money back?
Yes, refund will be initiated immediately if you have paid and your friend has not.
If my friend declined an invite, can I send them an invite again?
Yes, but do respect their space and decision.
Does my New friend have to pay money to play with me?
“With your “New Friend” – the first game is free. Post that, your friend and you can play free and paid games with each other. With your “Existing Friend” – the first game can be free as well as paid.”
Why am I not able to play more free games?
There is a daily limit of 5 free games. However, you can play unlimited games with your friend where Entry Fee is between Rs. 1-100
What is the maximum entry free for Play with Friends?
INR 100
My friend is playing another game, should I wait for them?
A typical game lasts 8-10 minutes, you can check with your friend if they will be free soon. If the wait is too long you can also quit and resend a new invite once you’re free.
Can I play a rematch with my friend but for a different Entry Fee?
From the rematch screen, you cannot change the Entry Fee. If you want a different entry fee, please start a new game from the PWF home screen
I accidentally declined rematch, can I undo this?
No. You can start a new game from the PWF home screen instead
I have free games left but I was not able to play a rematch with my friend.
If the inviter has no free games left, then rematch is not possible
My friend has not yet joined. What do I do?
The waiting screen has a time limit of 15 mins, you can get in touch with your friend to check if they will join the app. In case you cancel before the game starts, money will be refunded.
Can I change the Entry Fee of my game, after inviting my friend?
No, if you go back from the waiting screen you are cancelling the invite.