Know who is called the God of Cricket and Reason Behind it

Who is the god of cricket

Who is the god of cricket? The Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar is known as the god of cricket in 2023. His records, impact, and contribution to the Indian team and the sport speak to the legitimacy of this title. This article covers his journey and records, which made him the cricket God in people’s eyes.

Who is the God of Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar in regarded as the god of cricket. In his cricket career has earned many nicknames like Master Blaster, Little Master, and many more.

His journey started in Dadar, Mumbai. He grew up worshipping cricketers of his generation, such as Sunil Gavaskar and Vivian Richards, and eventually became an idol for the new generation and inspired them to pick up the bat. Many current cricketers, including MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma, look up to him. In fact, many foreign players, such as Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, and Rashid Khan, idolize him.

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Cricket legend’s statements about the God of cricket

One of the Australian legends, Mathew Hayden, says this about Sachin: “I have seen God. He bats at No. 4 for India.” One of South Africa’s finest, Hashim Amla, alludes to Sachin’s God-like image with wit and humor: “If we’re on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it, nothing bad can happen to us.”

Brian Lara, probably the only cricketer of his time who could be compared to Sachin, said Sachin is the only batsman he would love to see by paying for the tickets and sitting in the stand. He also said, “Sachin is a genius. I’m a mere mortal.”

It’s not only Indian fans or cricketers but even overseas fans who didn’t miss any opportunity to glorify Sachin while he would play on their home grounds. Such love and support justify why he is celebrated in the cricketing world. A placard at the Sydney Cricket Ground had written that: All your crimes will go unnoticed when Sachin is batting because even the Lord is watching.

One of the most respected and revered cricketers of all time, Sir Donald Bradman, has compared Sachin with himself and said, “I saw Sachin on television playing and was struck by his technique. So, I asked my wife to come to look at him. She looked at him and said, “Yes, there is a similarity between the two of you… his compactness, technique, stroke production… it all seemed to gel.”

The God of cricket – Sachin Tendulkar’s Records

Here are some stats to support that Sachin Tendulkar is the god of cricket:

Test records

  • Sachin has played 200 test matches, the most by any cricketer.
  • He has the highest number of centuries (51) in test matches.
  • Most runs in test matches (15,921). He is the fastest cricketer to reach 15,000 runs.
  • Sachin has scored the highest number of boundaries (2,058+) in test cricket.

One-day records

  • Sachin holds the title for making the most runs (18,426) in a one-day career.
  • He was the first to score 200 runs in international one-day cricket.
  • He is the fastest batsman to reach the 20,000 mark.
  • Sachin has scored the highest number of boundaries (2,016) and the highest number of half-centuries (145).
  • So far, he has had the longest ODI career, which lasted 22 years and 91 days.
  • He also holds the title for most runs scored by an individual in a calendar year (1,894).

Tendulkar didn’t get time to showcase his skills in T20 internationals, but he remained an integral part of the Mumbai Indians team while playing in the IPL. Sachin’s IPL records show how he enjoyed playing in the T20 format. He played 78 matches and scored 2,334 runs, with an average of 33.83 in his last years of cricket.

God of Cricket – Top 12 Unbeatable Records

Why Sachin is regarded as god of cricket
  1. The most hundreds (51) scored in test cricket history.
  2. The highest average (53.78) in the history of test cricket.
  3. For six years (1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2008, and 2010), Tendulkar achieved the 1000-run milestone in Test cricket. His record is unbeaten until now.
  4. Sachin scored the most centuries (100) in international cricket history. Ricky Ponting at 71 and Kohli at 70 are second and third, respectively.
  5. The highest run aggregate as an opener in ODI history. i.e., 15,310.
  6. The maximum runs in ODI history. i.e., 18,426.
  7. The most centuries (100s) in ODI history. i.e., 49.
  8. The most fifties in ODI history. i.e., 96.
  9. Tendulkar created a new record by scoring 1,894 runs from 33 innings at an outrageous average of 65.31 in 1998. It included nine 100s and seven 50s.
  10. On February 24, 2010, Sachin Tendulkar became the first cricketer in ODI history to score an ODI double century (vs. South Africa in Gwalior).
  11. Sachin has bagged most ‘Man of the Match awards in ODI. Jayasuriya, with 48 awards, comes second.
  12. He also owns the most Man of the Series awards in ODI. Jayasuriya, with 11 awards, comes second.

It is rare to see a player excelling in both Test and ODI formats, which Sachin maintained throughout his career. His adaptive capabilities are comparable to none. He outshone all his peers, whether it was Test cricket or one day.

Many stalwarts have graced the cricket pitch, the likes of Sir Don Bradman, Viv Richards, and Sunil Gavaskar, but Tendulkar left them all behind and created unbreakable records. Sachin has his worshipers not only in India but all over the globe. The love and support he still gets from his fans after about nine years into retirement testify to his God-like image.


1994Arjuna Award
1997-98Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
1999Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian award
2001Maharashtra Bhushan Award
2008Padma Vibhushan
2014Bharat Ratna

God of Cricket – Debut and Retirement

Right from his debut in 1989 at the age of 16 against Pakistan, he became one of the most liked cricketers in the country. Waqar Younis, who played against Sachin in his debut, later said that he never thought Sachin would become the biggest name in the coming years.

Sachin Tendulkar’s magnificent run ended on November 16, 2013, when he officially retired. The reaction from the entire cricketing world to his retirement was overwhelming. People from all sports institutions paid tribute to Sachin.

Jitendra Singh, sports minister of India at that time, said, “Sachin Tendulkar is one of the finest examples of sportsmen we have ever had with love for the sport, humility, integrity, honesty, and pure unbridled talent… His stellar performance across all game formats, from Tests, ODIs, and T20 over 24 years, is a rare feat of exemplary elegance, earnest application, and commitment.”

Sachin Tendulkar’s records and achievements justify his title of God of Cricket. These numbers speak of Sachin’s greatness. There hasn’t been a more technical and classy player than Sachin Tendulkar, and no one worthier of the honor.

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Who is the God of Cricket – FAQs

Who is known as the God of cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar is known as the God of cricket.

Who is the King of Cricket?

Virat Kohli is called the King of Cricket. Take a look at this article to know why Virat Kohli is regarded as the King of Cricket.

When did Tendulkar make his debut, and against which team?

Tendulkar made his debut against Pakistan in 1989.

How many runs has Sachin scored in one-day cricket?

Sachin has a record for the highest number of runs (18,426) scored in one-day cricket.

Who is the new god of cricket?

After Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement, many people believed that Rohit Sharma could become the new god of cricket. He has shown unparalleled quality and tremendous consistency across all three ICC formats.

Who is the god of T20?

Rohit Sharma is often referred to as the god of T20.

Who is the richest Indian cricketer?

Sachin Tendulkar is the richest cricketer in India. Know the top 50 wealthiest cricketers in the world.

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