10 Best Games Played in West Bengal

games played in West Bengal

West Bengal, a state known for its rich cultural heritage and diversity, is also a vibrant playground for many traditional and modern games. These indoor & outdoor games are not just a source of enjoyment for the people of West Bengal. Moreover, they are woven into the fabric of their daily lives, reflecting the state’s cultural identity and community spirit.

Among these, Ludo stands out as the number one indoor game, cherished across generations for its simplicity, accessibility, and the way it brings families and friends together.

So, keeping this in mind, we’ll talk about some of the traditional and classic games played in West Bengal, both indoor and outdoor.

Let’s begin.

Outdoor Games Played in West Bengal

West Bengal’s landscape is dotted with fields, alleys, and courts where the young and old gather to indulge in outdoor games. Therefore, all these games to play in West Bengal hold a special place in the people’s hearts, serving as a means of physical activity and strengthening community bonds.

Kabaddi in Medinipur

In Medinipur, Kabaddi is one of the top games to play in West Bengal. It is a celebration of strength, strategy, and teamwork. The region boasts several kabaddi playing grounds, such as the Midnapore College Ground, which welcomes enthusiasts and athletes, often without any entry fee. In addition, Medinipur has produced top kabaddi teams known for their competitive spirit, participating in district and state-level tournaments, highlighting the region’s prowess.

Kabaddi Tournaments in Medinipur

  • District-Level Kabaddi Championships
  • State-Level Kabaddi Competitions
  • Inter-College & Inter-School Kabaddi Tournaments

Kho-Kho in Bardhaman

Bardhaman’s affinity for Kho-Kho showcases the game’s deep roots in West Bengal’s culture. It is one of those popular games to play in West Bengal. It hosts numerous Kho-Kho tournaments at venues like the Bardhaman University Ground, where entry is typically free for spectators. Bardhaman’s agile and strategic teams often shine in state-level competitions, fostering a strong local following for the game. However, Bardhaman does not have official Kho-Kho teams in a professional sense.

However, for Kho-Kho and other best games played in West Bengal, like Kabaddi, it’s essential to identify a district sports association or local sports club or visit the official website for official tournaments.

Football in Kolkata

Football is not just a game in Kolkata; it’s a way of life. The city’s passion for football is unmatched, with iconic grounds like the Salt Lake Stadium. These popular games to play in West Bengal hold a particular identity for the state. Moreover, legendary teams like Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, based in Kolkata, have a rivalry renowned worldwide.

Most common Football Grounds in Kolkata

  • Salt Lake Stadium
  • Mohun Bagan Ground
  • East Bengal Ground

Official Football Tournaments

  • Indian Super League
  • I-League
  • Calcutta Football League
  • Durand Cup

Guli Danda in Purulia

Guli Danda is from those traditional games played in West Bengal that find a special place in Purulia, where it is more than just a pastime.

While formal playing grounds are uncommon, players play the game in open spaces throughout the district, fostering community among them. Although not as commercially popular, local tournaments do occur, celebrating this age-old sport.

These are the games played in West Bengal, which has no official team or tournaments.

Archery in Siliguri

Archery in Siliguri highlights the diverse sporting culture of West Bengal, blending traditional skills with modern competitive spirit. Venues like the Kanchenjunga Stadium offer facilities for archery, with minimal to no entry fees for training sessions. In addition, Siliguri’s archery teams, known for their precision and skill, compete in state and national level competitions, emphasizing the sport’s growing popularity.

These are from games played in West Bengal, primarily played within schools, colleges, or sports clubs. However, the teams formed in these institutions can participate in open tournaments organized at the district, state, or national levels.

Indoor Games Played in West Bengal

The culture of indoor games in West Bengal is rich and varied, offering something for everyone – from strategic board games to fast-paced card games.


Ludo holds a special place in West Bengal culture, offering timeless entertainment. Its simplicity and the joy of competing against friends and family make it a beloved game. With the advent of online platforms like Zupee, Ludo players can now enjoy the game virtually, even competing for cash prizes, thus blending tradition with modern gaming trends.

The best thing about Zupee is that there are variations in Ludo, and these are:

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Similar to other classic board games played in West Bengal, Carrom is deeply embedded in West Bengal’s social fabric, requiring skill and precision. People from different parts of the city play carrom from homes to clubs. Thus, it brings people together. The state hosts several carrom tournaments, showcasing the high skill level among local players. However, you can also play Carrom online on your smartphone.


The next on our list of most popular games to play in West Bengal is chess. People celebrate the game for its intellectual rigor. The state has produced numerous champions and hosts regular tournaments, including school-level competitions and open championships, highlighting its strategic depth. However, it would be best to learn all the chess rules before playing any match.

Scrabble: Wordplay Wonders

Scrabble has carved its niche among the intellectual and best games played in West Bengal, offering a blend of vocabulary skills and strategic thinking. Regular meetups and competitions are organized by local clubs, fostering a community of word enthusiasts. Also, look at other word board games to play like scrabble. 

Card Games: A Cultural Staple

Card games are an integral part of social gatherings in West Bengal. People are enjoying these games for their strategic complexity and the camaraderie they foster. Various local tournaments are held to celebrate this cultural staple, especially during festive seasons. However, in the digital era, it has become easy for these popular games to play in West Bengal online and win exciting prizes. On Zupee you can play online cricket games based on cards and stand a chance to win real cash. 

The array of games played in West Bengal, both outdoor and indoor, reflects the state’s rich cultural heritage and the importance of play in fostering community, health, and happiness. From Kabaddi and cricket to the family-friendly fun of Ludo, these games to play in West Bengal are a testament to the diverse ways in which the people find joy, connect, and celebrate their cultural identity.

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FAQs – Games Played in West Bengal

Can I play Ludo and win cash in West Bengal?

You can play Ludo online and win cash in West Bengal from the Zupee gaming platform. Moreover, it offers cash prizes for winning Ludo tournaments or matches against other players.

Can indoor games like Ludo help in cognitive development?

Yes, indoor games like Ludo can help cognitive development by enhancing problem-solving, strategic thinking, and decision-making skills. So, have a look at the benefits of playing Ludo

Are there any specific Ludo rules I should know about?

Key Ludo rules include moving your pieces based on dice rolls, capturing opponents’ pieces by landing on their spot, and requiring all pieces to reach the center to win.

Is it necessary to have a physical board game to play games like chess or Ludo?

No, having a physical board game to play games like chess or Ludo is unnecessary. Thus, many digital versions on smartphones and computers offer the same gameplay experience. However, you can play these traditional board games on the Zupee app.