Taking Breaks During Workday – Importance and Benefit

Taking break at work - Importance and methord

Today’s work culture praises long working hours, hustling, and prioritizing work above everything. But it’s wrong!

Yes, you should work hard and strive to meet deadlines. But sitting in front of a computer the entire day, without any breaks, harms your mental and physical health.

An hour half lunch break is not enough. You need several daily breaks to ensure your well-being, focus, and productivity.

This article will explain the importance of breaks and why you should prioritize them.

Importance of Taking Breaks

You might have been told that taking breaks is wrong and that getting up from your desk wastes time.

Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Taking short breaks during work is key to boosting productivity and overall well-being.

Multiple studies have concluded that working long hours without taking breaks is terrible. If you don’t take enough breaks during the day, you will be exhausted, stressed, demotivated, and burnout.

Skipping breaks can lead to reduced focus, a foggy brain, and irritation, leading to you making more mistakes and making bad decisions.

On the contrary, taking regular breaks for 10mins can boost your productivity, allow you to recharge, and renew your focus.

Take a 10 min break effectively

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Let’s understand why taking breaks at work is important with an example of two office workers: Kavita and Sunita.

Kavita’s Day – Without a Break

Kavita arrives in the office at 9 AM. She gets down to work immediately. She has lunch from 1 PM to 1:30 PM. By this hour, she has depleted all of her energy, and there’s a strain on her back. But she doesn’t care.

She returns to her desk and fights the post-lunch drowsiness. Because she is sleepy, she makes a mistake in one of her projects.

She sits down again and doesn’t get up till 5 PM to complete her normal work. Once her work ends, she must stay another hour to correct her mistake.

When she reaches home at around 8 PM, she is exhausted, completely burned out, and doesn’t even want to talk to her family members.

Sunita’s Day – With a Break

Sunita arrives in the office at 9 AM and sits down to work. At around 10:30, she takes a 10-minute walk around her office.

She gets many good ideas during her walk, which she implements in her work. After lunch, she takes another 5-minute break and listens to her favorite music. She’s not drowsy at all.

When she returns to work, her mind is fresh, and her body is recharged. At around 4 PM, she again gets up, goes to the lounge, and spends 10 minutes reading the latest fashion magazine. She reads a joke that makes her laugh, and she comes back to tell that joke to everyone on her team. Everyone laughs and thanks her for lightening the mood.

She completes her work by 5:15 PM and arrives home at 6 PM. She isn’t usually tired and gets the entire evening with her family and friends.

Do you see? Taking a break isn’t just about stepping away from work and filling your mind with new thoughts and fresh perspectives.

5 Benefits of Taking Breaks During Work

Now you know why taking breaks is so important, so let’s uncover the five main benefits of taking breaks during work:

  1. Reduced Stress
  2. Improved decision-making skills
  3. Improved concertation
  4. Increased energy levels
  5. Enhance love for your job

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Reduced stress

Breaks allow us to reduce our stress levels and relax for a while. This contributes to improved mental health and a better outlook on work.

Improved decision-making skills

Breaks offer a unique opportunity to reflect on our work and allow us to evaluate our decisions. This helps us in making good decisions for our work and our future.

Improved concentration

Most office workers lose all of their focus and drive after lunch. Because human beings can only work in deep focus for 4 hours a day. Instead of plunging your focus into the first four hours, you can distribute it evenly throughout the day by taking proper breaks. This will consequently help in becoming more productive and will improve your concentration.

Increased energy levels

Taking breaks at work boosts your energy levels and fills you with a new zeal toward your job. A study shows that a micro-break of just 10mins can help boost energy at work.

Enhance love for your job

Employees who take regular breaks are less likely to experience burnout. They also become more appreciative of their work. Thus, plugging in and plugging out helps you value your work more.

Taking Breaks Effectively During Work

Here are 5 effective ways to take a break during work:

  1. Schedule your breaks in advance
  2. Step away from your desk
  3. Don’t think about work
  4. Choose an indoor game for your breaks
  5. Making the most of shorter breaks

Schedule your breaks in advance

Instead of taking surprise breaks at work throughout the day, schedule them beforehand, and be adamant about them. This helps in not postponing your break time, and it also ensures that your entire team knows about it. You can schedule three 10 to 15-minute breaks throughout the day on your work calendar.

Step away from your desk

Don’t take a break while sitting at your desk. Scrolling your phone is not a break. Get up, walk away from the desk, and walk around the office or home. Choose activities promoting relaxation and rejuvenation, like playing online games, listening to music, reading a book, dancing, or chatting with friends.

Don’t think about work

It’s hard, but the best way to make the most out of your breaks is to completely plug out and stop thinking about work. Most office workers have a habit of taking breaks to talk about work. You shouldn’t do that. Instead of discussing work, you can discuss your hobbies, passions, the latest news, and light-hearted gossip.

Choose a game for your breaks

Moving your body is always good. And it’s the best thing you can do as you recharge during the work day. This is why most offices have a ping-pong table and darts game. You can also play online games to relax.

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Making the most of shorter breaks

If a 10 to 15-minute break isn’t possible for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a 2-minute break. Don’t underestimate the power of getting up from your chair and taking a 2-minute walk around your work premise. Regardless of how short the breaks are, take it.

Taking breaks – Key Takeaway

  • Taking a break is not a waste of time!
  • Developing a wholesome working routine that allows for enough breaks throughout the day. As opposed to being tied to your chair for 9 hours.
  • Taking breaks during work has a tremendous positive impact on productivity, physical health, mental health, and performance.

So, get up, stretch, talk, walk, and maximize your work breaks.

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FAQ on Taking Breaks at Work

Should you take a break during work?

Yes. Breaks allow you to move your body, correct your posture, recharge, and reduce stress. All of this contributes to increased levels of productivity and better performance.

Are there any hidden benefits of taking breaks during long working hours?

There are many hidden benefits of taking breaks during long working hours, including a visible spike in energy, creativity, improved focus, and concentration. This helps people in making good decisions.

What should I do during my work breaks?

You can take a short walk around your home or office, pick up a book, and read a few pages to refresh your mind. You can also play online games on Zupee and win up to Rs.10 Lakhs! You can also plug in the earphones and listen to some relaxing music.

How many breaks can I take during my work day?

You can take at least four small breaks during your work day, each at a 90-minute interval. However, this entirely depends upon your nature of work and your commitments.

Is it harmful to not take breaks during work?

Continuous work for long periods can be harmful to your health and performance. Some noticeable symptoms of this harm are exhaustion, burnout, physical strain, stress, and discomfort.

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