10 Best Games for Commuters to Play while Commuting

games to play in commuting

Are you looking for something different and exciting during your commute or travel? What about playing some cool games? Playing games can shorten the riding time, even if you are stuck in traffic, taking the subway, or waiting for a train. We have compiled the following 10 great games worth trying to make your travel time fun. They vary from puzzles that stimulate your brain to adventurous stories that will sweep you off your feet. Let’s start with the games for commuters that turn boring trips into fun rides.

1. Ludo

Ludo shines as the best mobile games for commuters due to its versatility, supporting both offline and online play with friends or random players. Its turn-based nature allows individuals to participate conveniently, making it suitable for short and lengthy commutes. As a game that fosters strategic planning and sometimes a little playful scheming, Ludo keeps players mentally engaged and entertained. For those looking for such experiences, there are several Ludo apps available.

Number of Players: Ludo supports both offline and online play, accommodating solo or multiplayer experiences.


  1. Roll dice to navigate tokens from the start to the finish line.
  2. Supports offline and online play with friends or random players.
  3. Turn-based gameplay allows participation at convenience.
  4. Fosters strategic planning and playful scheming.
  5. Suitable for both short and lengthy commutes.

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2. Monument Valley

The Monument Valley is a puzzle game that was made famous due to its eye-catching sceneries and incredibly enjoyable experience. Players enter into perplexing optical illusions and logic of the impossible, which is prepared for helping Ida the Princess, who is on her mission. Here, they will find skillfully constructed puzzles.

Number of Players: Single-player game.


  1. Players jump through various stunning entities and creators whose luminosity and aliens shine in the intergalactic space of an everlasting universe.
  2. The purpose is to guide Princess Ida on her quest of finding to solve any difficulty puzzles.
  3. With every turning cadence, you face new tricks, such as vanishing platforms and shapes.
  4. For chill amusement offered in this game, it has a tranquil atmosphere with details that can perfectly serve for a leisure trip.

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3. Two Dots

Two Dots offers a deceptively simple yet progressively complex puzzle experience where players connect dots of the same color to achieve objectives within limited moves. As the game advances, new dot types and obstacles are introduced, demanding strategic planning and foresight. It’s an excellent games for your daily commute because it helps sharpen focus and provides a satisfying sense of progress.

Number of Players: Single-player game. 


  1. Connect two or more dots of the same color by one side. 
  2. Finish level by performing the task within a certain number of moves. 
  3. As the levels advance more complex types of dots and bars show up. 
  4. Strategic planning and in-depth thinking are needed.

4. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is praised as one of the best games for commuters because it offers a tranquil but engaging diversion from daily travel stresses. It combines elegant graphics with a serene audio landscape to create an absorbing, endless snowboarding experience. Players join Alto and their friends on an endless snowboarding odyssey, navigating various terrains and challenges.

Number of Players: Single-player game.


  1. Take a full-fledged snowboard excursion with Alto and friends.
  2. Jump on top of marathons and go across rooftops.
  3. Shoot pisco shots and run faster than the old folks in the town.

5. Stack

Stack challenges players to stack blocks as high as possible with precise timing. Each misplaced block reduces the size of the next block, increasing the difficulty as the tower grows taller. The game’s aesthetic is a key part of its appeal, featuring smooth animations and a gradient color palette that changes as you progress. The simplicity of tapping the screen to place blocks makes Stack incredibly accessible during a commute, whether standing or sitting.

Number of Players: Stack is a single-player game, perfect for solo play.


  1. Stack blocks as high as possible with precise timing.
  2. Each misplaced block reduces the size of the next block.
  3. Smooth animations and a gradient color palette.
  4. Simple tapping controls.
  5. Accessible during commutes.

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6. Color Switch

Color Switch is a vibrant, fast-paced arcade game where players tap the ball through each color-coded obstacle. The catch is that the ball can only pass through parts of the obstacle that match its color. With its rapid pace and changing colors, the game is addictive and becomes progressively challenging. It’s perfect for keeping your reflexes sharp and your mind engaged during commuting.

Number of Players: Color Switch is a single-player game designed for solo enjoyment.


  1. Tap the ball through color-coded obstacles.
  2. The ball can only pass through matching color parts of obstacles.
  3. The rapid pace and changing colors.
  4. Becomes progressively challenging.
  5. Keeps reflexes sharp and mind engaged.

7. Once upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower turns the classic fairytale narrative on its head, empowering the princess to save herself. Players dig down through tower levels in this game, facing off against various creatures and traps. The game’s procedurally generated levels ensure that no two playthroughs are the same, providing fresh challenges each time. Its engaging gameplay and feminist twist make it a stimulating and empowering game for commuters. It is one of the best iPhone games for commute

Number of Players: Once Upon a Tower is a single-player game, perfect for solo enjoyment.


  1. Dig through levels of a tower.
  2. Face off against various creatures and traps.
  3. Procedurally generated levels ensure fresh challenges.
  4. Engaging gameplay with a feminist twist.
  5. Empowering and stimulating for commuters.

8. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the best mobile games for commute. Players swap colored candies to match three or more of the same color, causing them to disappear and make way for new candies. The game’s hundreds of levels and frequent updates with new challenges keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. It’s designed to be played in short bursts, making it perfect for filling the brief waits or long rides typical of commutes.

Number of Players: Candy Crush Saga is a single-player game designed for solo enjoyment.


  1. Swap colored candies to match three or more of the same color.
  2. Cause candies to disappear and make way for new ones.
  3. Hundreds of levels with frequent updates.
  4. Designed for short bursts of play.
  5. Engaging and fresh gameplay.

9. Crossy Road

Crossy Road presents an endless arcade hopper challenge where players must navigate a character across streets, streams, and various obstacles without perishing. Its blocky, retro-style graphics and quirky character options add to its charm. The game’s simple one-finger control scheme makes it easy to play in any setting, so it’s excellent for playing on crowded buses or trains.

Number of Players: Crossy Road is a single-player game perfect for solo play.


  1. Navigate a character across streets, streams, and obstacles.
  2. Avoid perishing in the endless arcade hopper challenge.
  3. Blocky, retro-style graphics.
  4. Quirky character options.
  5. Simple one-finger control scheme.

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10. Wordscapes

Wordscapes combines the best elements of crossword puzzles and word search games into a uniquely challenging experience. Players must swipe connecting letters to form words that fit into a crossword template. With thousands of levels and daily challenges, Wordscapes both relaxing and mentally stimulating. Its tranquil background and the satisfaction of solving puzzles provide a calm and productive way to spend commuting time.

Number of Players: Wordscapes is a single-player game, ideal for solo enjoyment.


  1. Swipe connecting letters to form words.
  2. Fit words into a crossword template.
  3. Thousands of levels and daily challenges.
  4. Relaxing and mentally stimulating.
  5. Tranquil backgrounds and satisfying puzzle-solving.

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These android games for commute serve as a perfect distraction and help sharpen your cognitive skills, making your commute both fun and beneficial. Whether you’re looking for a quick distraction or an engaging challenge, these best games for commuters offer something for everyone.

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Games for Commuters: FAQs

Are there any multiplayer games suitable for commuting?

Yes, games like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Trump Cards offer both online and offline multiplayer options, making them great for commuting with friends or family.

Are there any games that don’t require an internet connection?

Absolutely, games like Alto’s Adventure and Monument Valley can be played offline, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay without needing a network connection.

Can I play games for commuting without disturbing others?

Definitely! Most mobile games, including Wordscapes and Stack, can be enjoyed quietly on your device without disturbing fellow commuters.

What types of games are suitable for commuting?

Puzzle games, endless runners, and simple strategy games are ideal for commuting as they can be played in short bursts and don’t require intense concentration.

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