Best iPhone Games to Play in 2024

top 10 iphone games

If you are an iPhone user looking for the best iPhone games in 2024, you have come to the right place. This comprehensive guide covers a wide range of games, from action-packed adventures to strategic puzzles, ensuring there is something for every type of gamer. Let us explore the best iPhone games of the year to keep you entertained.

Top 10 Best iPhone Games

This list features the top 10 iPhone games that have captivated players worldwide. Each game is categorized and specified as free or paid to help you choose the best fit for your gaming preferences.

1. Ludo

Category: Board Game

Price: Free with the option of playing with money

Players: 2-4

If you love playing Ludo, you’ll absolutely enjoy Ludo Supreme. This fantastic game offered by Zupee is based on the traditional Ludo game and has a rich gaming experience with competitive features. It allows the players to have fast matches and think of ways on how to defeat the other player and win the game. With real cash rewards and dynamic gameplay, This is perfect for Ludo players and anyone looking for a fun and engaging board game experience. Watch the video below to learn how you can play this money game and earn exciting cash prizes:

For a thrilling gaming experience, try Ludo real money app download on Zupee and have a blast!

2. Genshin Impact

Category: Action RPG

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Players: 1 (multiplayer co-op up to 4)

This game offers a stunning open-world experience filled with vibrant landscapes, challenging enemies and intricate quests. Players can explore the vast world of Teyvat, collecting characters with unique abilities and engaging in elemental combat. With regular updates and new content, Genshin Impact continues to captivate players with its blend of exploration, combat and storytelling.

3. Among Us

Category: Social Deduction

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Players: 4-10

Among Us became a global phenomenon and it remains one of the best iPhone games to play with friends. In this game, players work together on a spaceship while trying to identify impostors who are sabotaging their efforts. The blend of teamwork and deception creates a thrilling and often hilarious experience, making it a perfect choice for group play.

4. Snakes and Ladders

Category: Board game

Price: Free with the option of playing with money

Players: 2-3

Snakes and Ladders is a timeless board game that’s also one of the top games for iPhone. The aim is to navigate your token from start to finish by rolling dice, with ladders helping you climb higher and snakes pulling you back. Available for free on Zupee, players can opt for paid versions to make the game more exciting and win cash prizes.

Learn how to play Snakes and Ladders in 5 simple steps!

5. Call of Duty: Mobile

Category: First-Person Shooter

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Players: 1-100 (Battle Royale mode)

COD Mobile is the FPS game that you can now play on your iPhone. This game has multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. It comes with great graphics, easy control and, more significantly, powerful weapon selection with options for upgrades, making the game interesting for every fan of action games and shooting. It offers new content with an update that also can provide new challenges.

6. Monument Valley 2

Category: Puzzle

Price: Paid

Players: 1

Monument Valley 2 is a well-designed puzzle game that incorporates digital art and intellectual stimuli in the form of optical illusions and great graphics to give the player a great experience and feeling of relaxation. Players guide a mother and her child through a series of intricate architectural puzzles, each more mesmerizing than the last. This is definitely one of the best games to play on iPhone for individuals who want to enjoy a good puzzle without being frustrated by complex graphics or music.

7. Hearthstone

Category: Card Game

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Players: 1-2

Hearthstone offers strategic card battles with characters from the Warcraft universe. Players build decks and compete in turn-based battles, using a mix of strategy and luck to outwit their opponents. With frequent updates, expansions, and events, Hearthstone remains fresh and engaging, appealing to both casual players and competitive gamers. It’s one of the best iPhone games for adults.

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8. PUBG Mobile

Category: Battle Royale

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Players: 1-100

PUBG Mobile remains a top choice for Battle Royale fans, offering intense, fast-paced matches and a variety of maps and modes. Players parachute onto an island, scavenge for weapons and gear, and fight to be the last one standing. Its realistic graphics and dynamic gameplay make it consistently one of the top iPhone games. The game’s regular updates keep the experience exciting with new features and content.

9. Clash of Clans

Category: Strategy

Price: Free (with in-app purchases) 

Players: 1 (clan wars involve multiple players)
Clash of Clans has been a staple in mobile gaming, combining base-building and strategic combat. Players build and upgrade their villages, train troops, and attack other players to earn resources. Clan wars add a cooperative and competitive element, making it perfect for those who enjoy long-term strategic planning and battles. Its engaging gameplay and active community keep it relevant year after year.

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10. Pokémon GO

Category: Augmented Reality 

Price: Free (with in-app purchases) 

Players: 1 (with multiplayer events and raids)
Pokémon GO continues to be one of the most popular iPhone games. It encourages players to explore the real world to catch Pokémon, complete quests, and battle in gyms. The game’s innovative use of augmented reality and its regular community events make it a unique and engaging experience. It’s a great way to stay active while enjoying the beloved Pokémon franchise.

The year 2024 offers a plethora of best iPhone games that cater to various interests and play styles. From action-packed adventures to strategic puzzles, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for popular iPhone games to play solo or iPhone games to play with friends, this list has got you covered. Happy gaming!

Top iPhone Games: FAQs

What are the best free iPhone games?

Some of the best iPhone games free to play include Ludo Supreme, Genshin Impact, Among Us, and Call of Duty Mobile. These games offer extensive content without requiring a purchase, although they do offer in-app purchases, or an option to play with money.

Which iPhone games are best for adults?

The best iPhone games for adults include Hearthstone, Monument Valley 2, and The Room Old Sins. These games offer complex gameplay and engaging stories that appeal to mature audiences.

Can I play these iPhone games with friends?

Yes, whether you’re into playing Ludo online with friends, diving into Among Us, or battling it out in Call of Duty Mobile, these games are perfect for a fun and interactive experience on your iPhone with your buddies.

Are there any popular iPhone games that are skill-based?

Yes, games like Hearthstone and Clash of Clans are skill-based, where strategic planning and execution are crucial for success. Ludo Supreme is also a skill-based game that combines traditional Ludo gameplay with strategic twists.

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