Zupee Independence Day Contest: Unlocking Fun and Rewards

zupee independence day holiday contest

The spirit of independence and celebration echoes through the air as the nation gears up for yet another glorious Independence Day. Amidst the vibrant festivities, Zupee, the popular gaming platform, is all set to add an extra dose of excitement with its Independence Day Contest. Promising a thrilling experience filled with fun challenges and enticing rewards, this contest is the perfect way to commemorate the essence of freedom while indulging in some entertaining activities.

About Zupee Independence Day Contest

The Zupee Independence Day Contest encapsulates the essence of patriotism and amusement. At the heart of this contest lies a captivating challenge – to count the number of times the phrase “Gazab Gazab” appears in the designated video. This unique twist adds an element of excitement, making it more than just a run-of-the-mill contest. Participants are invited to watch the video attentively, ensuring they don’t miss a single occurrence of the phrase. The video, brimming with fervor and zeal, sets the perfect tone for the festivities ahead.

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How to Participate in the Zupee Independence Day Contest?

Participating in the Zupee Independence Day Contest is as simple as tapping into your creative spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned contestant or a newcomer to the world of challenges, the steps are straightforward:

  • Watch the Video: Dive into the spirited video provided by Zupee and pay close attention to every detail, especially the elusive “Gazab Gazab” moments.
  • Count the Occurrences: As you watch the video, keep a tally of how many times the phrase “Gazab Gazab” is uttered. Precision is key, so ensure your count is accurate.
  • Submit Your Entry: Once you’ve meticulously counted the occurrences, submit your entry by uploading it to your social media account. Make sure to use the hashtag Independence Day contest and tag @zupee_official in your post to ensure your entry is counted.
  • Wait for Results: With your entry submitted, all that’s left to do is await the announcement of the winners. Keep an eye on Zupee’s official channels for updates and revel in the anticipation of potentially claiming victory.

Zupee Independence Day Contest Winners

After an exhilarating period of participation and anticipation, the winners of Zupee’s Independence Day Contest were announced. These individuals demonstrated exceptional skill, creativity, and dedication, making them deserving recipients of the coveted prizes.

The winners of the Zupee Independence Day contest, which closed on August 15, 2023 & won an Amazon Voucher worth rupees 2000, were:

  • Mohammed Shadab
  • Shailja Ranga
  • Deepak Aacharya
  • Shivani Jangid
  • Reshma Tehlayani

Each winner had not only counted the “Gazab Gazab” moments with precision but had also embodied the spirit of Independence Day through their participation. Their names shone brightly, a testament to their commitment to excellence and their love for gaming.
Zupee’s Independence Day Contest was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of unity, creativity, and the joy of gaming. Through engaging challenges and interactive experiences, participants came together to commemorate this auspicious occasion with enthusiasm and zeal.

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