Teen Patti Variations – Top 50 variations in 3 Patti

Teen Patti variation

One of the best aspects of the 3 Patti game is you can play various variations after you master the basic version. You can bend the rules or add twists to make the game more challenging. This article explores the 10 killer Teen Patti variations you must try in 2023!

Teen Patti Variations

If you want to try some tweaks in the game, there are many different Teen Patti variations that you can play. But before that, ensure you know how to play 3 Patti game and the general 3 patti rules. Once you have a hold over the classic game version, move on to trying out the different game variations.

Below is the list of 10 different Teen Patti variations of recent times. The list is divided into 3 categories for better understanding:

  • 3 Patti Variations with Jokers
  • 3 Patti Variations with Different Hand Rankings
  • Other Gameplay Changes

Let’s look into each category in detail.

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Teen Patti variations with Jokers

1.       Auction

Auction is one of the best 3 Patti variations of all time. Each player is dealt three cards at the start of each round. Two are upside down, while one is still open, representing Joker. Unless you have a strong hand, you can bid for a game by placing a bet with an open card as a Joker. The process is repeated until all of the games have been bought. When the auction “closes,” the game proceeds according to the traditional Teen Patti rule.

2.       Joker Hunt

Because of the ability to discard cards, this is one of the popular Teen Patti variations closest to the Poker game. After receiving your three cards, a predetermined number are revealed face up. The dealer must open twice as many cards as the number of players plus three. The dealer will deal 4 x 2 + 3 = 11 cards if there are four players. You may discard one of your cards in exchange for a revealed card. The game continues as usual, with three open cards remaining as jokers.

3.       Pack Jack

The players receive three joker cards facing up on the table. When you fold or pack in the game, your cards replace the previous joker cards on the table to become three new ones.

4.       King Little

All of the Kings are jokers in this 3 Patti variation. In addition, the smallest of the three cards handed to each player becomes the Joker. Assume you have a K, Q, & 4 in various suits. Your K and 4 are joker cards with no face value. You can then form a trio by switching your K & 4 to Q’s and form the hand “Q-Q-Q.”

3 Patti variations with Different Hand Rankings

5.       999

This Teen Patti variation is one of the most popular in recent times, with the hand closest to 999 winning the game. Here, all the number cards from 2 to 9 have the same value as in the traditional 3 Patti, while all face cards have no value except the Ace, which is valued at 1. Your goal is to get as near to a score of 999 to win the game.

6.       Mufliss/Lowball

The player with the worst/weakest hand wins in this game variant. For example, if at a showdown, two of the players have a pair of Queen & a pair of 6s, the pair of 6s wins.

7.       Odd Sequence

You build a sequence using consecutive cards in conventional Teen Patti, such as J-Q-K. But in this unique 3 Patti variation, however, other cards, such as 9-J-K, are required to make a sequence.

Teen Patti variations with Other Gameplay Changes

8.       2 Cards Open

Here, each player receives two face-up cards and one face-down card. Based on the third card, you will decide your wager and your next moves. Moreover, none of the players has the option to play blind. When a sideshow occurs, the dealer must be the one to determine the winner by looking at both of the players’ cards.

9.       Stud

This Teen Patti variation is similar to Stud Poker. Here, the rules are the same as regular Teen Patti, but you get a predetermined mix of face-down and face-up cards. The cards dealt face down to each player are called hole cards, while the cards dealt face up are called street cards.

10.   Discard One

The dealer deals with four cards rather than three in this Teen Patti variation. You must then choose the best three cards from your hands and discard the fourth. All players have seen their cards in this variation. Other 3 Patti rules remain unchanged in this game variant.

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How many 3 Patti Variations are there?

Apart from the 10 popular 3 Patti variations mentioned above, there are infinite variations to play the game. Over 50 Teen patti variations exit. But why are there so many variations?

There are so many game variations because people have different preferences and skills. Some people might like a more challenging version of the game, while others might prefer something more relaxed. Additionally, different game versions offer different levels of complexity and challenge depending on the players’ preferences.

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3 Patti Variations – List of 50 Teen Patti Variations in India

Here is a list of 50 Teen Patti variations in India and how they are different from the classic version:

3 Patti VariationsDifference from Classic  
Teen Do Paanch5 cards instead of 2  
MaktaAce is worth 11      
Kamal Ka Phool         The wild card is used    
Mufliss The wild card is used    
4X Flush               4 times the winnings 
TipsyThe player can switch off
Mixed Pack A mix of non-standard decks
Chaupat4 jokers added      
Chautha5 cards instead of 2
Do Paanch               4 jokers added      
Mufliss Plus            4 jokers added      
Double OpenTwo players can open
Triple Open             Three players can open
ChalaakThe player with highest card can open
TashNo openers allowed  
Acey-Deucey              The wild card is used    
Bluff Players must bluff when opening
BootExtra stake added 
DummyDummy player added
Five Wild              5 wild cards added
Hokum5 wild cards added
Khuda-Naki              The wild card is used with double stakes
High-Low               The player with highest and lowest cards can open
Dask Patti             The player can switch off
In Between             The player with card value between the first two openers can open
Half Pot               Half the stake is placed by each player
Best of Four            4 cards were used instead of 2
Lowest Will Win        The player with lowest card can open
PackThe deck is divided into two halves and played with each half
Lowest Joker Wild     The wild card is used, with lowest card winning the pot
High Joker Wild       The wild card is used with the highest card winning the pot
Open & Play           The player can open but cannot switch off
Spot the Joker        The player with correct prediction of the wild card wins
Roll the Dice         The player with highest dice number can open
Dummy Bluff           A dummy player calls before anyone can open
One-card Draw          The player draws a single card and can switch off
Two-card Draw         The player draws two cards and can switch off
Sher Ka Shikaar       The wild card is used with the highest card winning the pot
Back-Up               The player can back the other openers
High-low Half Pot    Half pot with high and low card
Open to Open          The player can open, but only one opener
Open with One & Play The player can open with one card and can switch off
Open with Two & Play The player can open with two cards and can switch off
Blind Play           The player can open without seeing the cards
Cross Play           Players can cross the suits
Discard All          Players must discard all the cards
Pot Blind            Stakes are placed before the cards are dealt
Turn & Draw          Players must turn a card and draw one
PatteesPlayers must win three pots in a row
Gut Patti            The wild card is used with the highest card winning the pot

We hope this article will teach you different ways of playing 3 Patti. To make the game more exciting and fun, try playing the above Variations. Let us know in the comment section about other variations that you feel deserve to be on the list!

Teen Patti Variations – FAQs

What are Teen Patti variations?

3 Patti is a flexible game; experienced players can tweak the rules to make it more enjoyable. These customized variants of the game are known as Teen Patti variations. However, to play different variations, you first need to learn the basic gameplay of Teen Patti and its associated rules.

Which Teen Patti variation is the most common?

The most common variation to play with friends and family is Sudden Death or Muflis.

What is a Faceoff in 3 Patti?

Faceoff is a Teen Patti variation significant for beginners where the table accommodates 6 players playing with 20 cards, i.e., 4 A-K-Q-J-10 sets in a deck. In terms of hands, K-Q-J defeats a J-10-9 hand.

Which is bigger A-K-Q or A-2-3?

A-K-Q is considered the highest, followed by A-2-3, K-Q-J, Q-J-10, and so on.

How many Teen Patti variations exist?

Over 50 variations of 3 Patti exist. Each variation has its own unique set of rules and objectives. Some common variations are Muflis, Best of Four, 999, Lowest Wild, and Stud.

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