Play Trump cards
online on Zupee

Play Trump cards Mania, an IPL cricket trump cards game
and win real money.

Play Trump cards Mania, an IPL cricket trump cards game
and win real money.

Play Trump cards
online on Zupee

Play Trump cards Mania, an IPL cricket trump cards game and win real money.

Play multiplayer Ludo with lakhs of players online. Unleash your gaming skills to win real money.

Why play Trump card game on Zupee?

Card Games – Trump cards Mania reviews

Play Trump cards online for money with Trump Cards Mania. Take a look at the reviews below:

Play Trump cards online for money with Trump Cards Mania. Take a look at the reviews below:

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Recently I played games on Zupee and enjoyed it very much. I have also won a significant amount by playing this game and have used that money to play more games and win more on the app!

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Anirudh Singh


My gaming experience on Zupee has been amazing! I really enjoy the easy point system and the quick format of the game. I can quickly and easily withdraw money and the best part is there is no minimum deposit required. The referral policy is also great, I referred my friends and got exciting prizes.

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Zupee is a very good gaming platform and we can withdraw cash from it immediately compared to other games. It is a reliable gaming platform. A must-try. Even if we don’t have any money in our gaming account we have the option of a free game. If we win we will get an amount like 15paisa 30paisa

How to install Trump Cards Mania?

You can download the Trump Cards Mania Apk, by installing Zupee App. Here is how to install and play Trump cards online on Trump Cards Mania:

  1. Click on the download button to install the Zupee apk on your mobile device. 
  2. Click Ok for the general warning message. Zupee App is 100% safe and secure. 
  3. Check your phone notifications OR go to “My files –> Downloads folder”, to locate the app. 
  4. Complete the installation and registration process. 
  5. Select the Trump Cards Mania game. 
  6. Enter the free or paid tournament in the 2-player format.  
  7. Earn maximum points, within 11 rounds and win the game. 

Surendra kumar


Won: 15.8 Lakhs

This is the most amazing real money game in India right now. Fair & square! The intelligent modifications to the game of Ludo that this game offers is what makes it so out of the box.



Won: 10.5 Lakhs

Wonderful experience. Best timepass game ever. I really enjoyed it...highly recommended. The best part is you don't have to wait for a Six to open the tokens as those are already open and you can score and win for the token you move. Loved it.

Sujata Rao


Won: 5.5 Lakhs

It's a good platform for playing with earning money no doubt. The game is secure and withdrawals are very smooth. I am hooked on to Ludo Supreme since many months now. Earning and enjoying totally!

Pramod Kumar


Won: 6.2 Lakhs

Superbbb for real earning Ludo game forever!!!! Amazing! Excellent! Marvellous! Outstanding! I It's very different than others. Its skill based and a lot of fun. I have earned so much from referring my friends. They downloaded and played, I earned!

Trick taking cards game - Trump cards

Trick-taking games are card games in which players collect sets of cards in order to win points or tricks. Some games allow trumping, which may give one player an advantage over the other. These are called Trump Cards. 

Trump cards are cards that have a higher value than any other card. It is especially powerful in a trick-taking card game because it has the power to beat any other card, regardless of rank or suit. 

Trump Cards were every kid’s obsession in the 90s and a parent’s woe! From WWE to cricket to pokemon — the cards were a major source of entertainment back in the day. Trading and winning a deck of someone’s coveted cards or losing favorite cricket players in a game determined joy and heartbreak.

Trump cards Mania on zupee

With the advancement in technology, you can play trump cards online! Trump Cards Online is a card game where players compete against each other in a game of strategy and tactics. 

Trump Cards Mania is a game for cricket lovers and trump card fans where winning means taking home real money without having to ever part with your cards again. It is an IPL-based cricket trump cards game that you can play on your mobile devices, with stats used in the game are till IPL 2022.

Learn about the advantages of playing online gaming for money on Zupee. 

Trump Cards Mania Gameplay

Trump cards Mania is a 2 player skill-based online trump card game. It is a real cash game, where you compete with verified Indian players to earn maximum points to win the game. This trump card by Zupee is based on cricket IPL stats for 2022. You can download the apk file from this page, by clicking on the download button.

To play Trump Cards Mania: 

  • Choose to play a free or entry-fee tournament on Zupee App. 
  • Each player will get 11 cards with all-time top 100 IPL batsmen – 4 Gold cards, 3 Silver cards, and 4 Bronze cards. The Tier of a card is decided based on the total runs made by the batsmen.
  • Within 60 seconds choose a captain and a vice-captain. 
  • At the start of each round, select a stat you want to challenge your opponent with. You get 15 seconds to choose. If you run out of time, don’t worry — both players get a time bank of extra 30 seconds time bank which they can use throughout the game. 
  • Once your opponent chooses a stat, their card is revealed. Both cards are compared for the stats you and your opponent choose.
  • The higher stat wins and for every win, the winner gets one point.
  • Every game has two important rounds where you can make the most number of points:
    • The captain round, where your captain card is pitted against your opponent’s card. If you win, you get 3 times more points.  
    • The vice-captain round, where your vice-captain card is pitted against your opponent’s card. If you win, you get 2 times more points.
  • The player with the higher score is the winner and takes home the trump cards mania trophy.

To ensure fair play, you and your opponent play cards from the same tier in each round. For example, your gold tier card will always be pitted against your opponent’s gold tier card.

Trump Cards Mania Rules

To win the Trump Cards Mania game you need to understand the rules of the game:  

  • Trump Cards Mania is a 2 player game.
  • Each player gets a total of 11 cards from 3 tiers – 4 Gold, 3 Silver, and 4 Bronze, in that order.
  • Both players play cards from the same tier in each round.
  • Players get 60 seconds to choose the captain and the vice-captain card failing which they will not get the 3x captain round and 2x vice-captain round.
  • Players get 15 seconds to choose stats.
  • Stats once selected, can’t be unselected – so, choose wisely.
  • Player with a higher stat, wins 1 point.
  • In the 3x round, the winner gets 3 times more points and in the 2x round, the winner gets 2 times more points.
  • The 30-second time bank can be used throughout the game. Exhausting the 30-second time bank will land the respective player out of the game.
  • The higher scorer wins at the end of the game.

Trump cards - How to win real money?

Here are the tips and tricks to win real money on Trump Cards Mania by Zupee:


  • Consider all of your cards before you choose your captain and vice-captain.
  • Make sure you choose your captain and vice-captain within 30 seconds.  If you miss, you will not get the 3x captain round and the 2x vice-captain round, where you have the opportunity to score the most. So, make sure you choose your captain and vice-captain within 60 seconds.
  • Cards from all tiers gold, silver, and bronze can make a great Captain or Vice-Captain.
  • Use your stat within 15 seconds and choose carefully. Once selected, you can’t unselect. 
  • Try not to use the time bank seconds till you absolutely have to.
  • Be very careful when you have used about 90% of 30 seconds in the extra time bank. Running out of a 30-second time bank will land you out of the game.

Trump Cards - Fun facts

  • A trump card in general is a card that holds more powers as compared to the rest of the deck.
  • Trump comes from Trionfi which is a type of 15th-century Italian playing card.
  • Trump card as a game is still widely popular as an educational game.
  • A trump card pack can be themed on cars, pets, books, dinosaurs, cricket, films, and TV shows among other themes. 
  • Trump Cards Mania card statistics are based on IPL top 100 all-time batsmen till IPL 2022, ranked by total runs scored by them.

Trump Cards Mania - FAQs

To withdraw your real cash winnings online from the Trump Cards Mania game, you need to first log in to your Zupee account. Click on the “Withdraw” option and fill in the bank details/UPI ID, with the amount you want to withdraw. The cash will be instantly transferred to your account.

Yes. On Trump Cards Mania, you stand a chance to win real cash. The gameplay time is less than 10mins. You can play Trump Cards Mania for free or with real money. Learn how to play Trump Cards Mania Apk for Android. 

Yes, playing Trump cards online on Trump Cards Mania is safe. Trump Cards Mania by Zupee uses secure payment systems to protect your information. It also offers 24/7 customer service.

In total, 2 players can play the cricket IPL-based trump cards on Zupee. Both players get 11 cards – 4 Gold, 3 Silver, and 4 Bronze, in that order.

To win the Trump Cards Mania game by Zupee, follow the game rules and score maximum points.

Yes. You can choose to play Trump Cards Mania without paying any entry fee. 

Yes. It is safe to add money and play Trump Cards Mania online game.  Zupee has partnerships with the industry’s best payment partners, ensuring safe and smooth transactions. Add money using UPI or provide bank account details.

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