Play Carrom Ninja
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Play carrom with lakhs of players online and win real money.


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Play Carrom Ninja
Win up to 10 Lakh

Play carrom with lakhs of players online and win real money.

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About Carrom

Carrom is a tabletop indoor game that has a big wooden board, 19 tokens – 9 black, 9 white & 1 bright red, a colorful striker, and a small bottle of carrom powder. The goal of the game is to collect points by pocketing the most black and white carrom tokens, plus the red “queen” piece, before your opponent.

What is Carrom Ninja?

Carrom Ninja is a time-bound, two-player game with no element of a penalty and an opportunity to win up to 10 lakhs. Carrom Ninja has numbered tokens instead of coloured tokens in traditional carrom. Carrom Ninja is all kinds of fun packed in one sweet deal where you will always take the queen!

How to play Carrom on Carrom Ninja?

  • Carrom Ninja is a 2-player game. 
  • There are 19 tokens numbered 1-19 on the carrom board at the start of the game. 
  • Both the players get 8 moves each to play. 
  • Players get 30 seconds to play each turn. 
  • Both players also get a timebank of extra 30 seconds for the entire game. The timebank will be utilized every time a player fails to play turn within 30 seconds.
  • If a players runs out of the 30-seconds in the time bank, they will be disqualified from the game.
  • To ensure no player gets an advantage, the first shot that breaks the token formation on the board is by default played by the computer. After this, both players take alternate turns to play.
  • To play the players have to hold the striker on the slider and move it to left or right. When the position is fixed, player needs to slide it up or down to determine the power of the shot. Finally, use the arrow to aim at the token and release to take the shot.
  • Every token carries the number of points mentioned on them. So, if a player pocket token number 5, they will get 5 points.
  • The top three highest value tokens on the board are always highlighted so it is easy to spot the high value tokens.
  • In every game, the players will enter a 3x multiplier round where any token that is pocketed will give 3 times the points mentioned on the token. So, if a token numbered 5 is pocketed in a 3x multiplier round, the player will get 15 points.
  • Players don’t get an extra turn when a token is pocketed. 
  • There is no penalty if players pocket the striker.
  • Make most of the 8 moves and score more than your opponent to win the game.

Carrom Ninja Game Rules

  • This is a 2-player game format and both players will get 8 moves each.
  • There are 19 tokens (# 1 to #19) in total.
  • #19 has the highest value (19 points) and #1 has the lowest value (1 point).
  • Any player can pocket any token.
  • There is no additional move even if a player pockets the token.
  • There is no foul if the Striker is pocketed.
  • There is a 3X multiplier round which comes randomly in the game only once.
  • Each move must be played within 30 seconds after which time from the extra timebank will be used. 
  • Additional 30s timebank for the entire game exhausting which the player will be out of game.
  • To ensure fair gameplay for both the players, Tokens will be scattered across the board via a default move. Thus, no player will have to break the cluster of tokens thereby eliminating the relative advantage/ disadvantage.
  • High value tokens will be highlighted in every turn.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to play your turn within the 30 seconds. 
  • The power of the shot plays as big a role as fixing the arrow in the right direction. Make sure you only use the power that is needed.
  • The closer the token is to the pocket, the lesser power you will need pocket it.
  • Use more power when pocketing a token that is further away front the pocket.
  • Try not to use the time bank seconds till you absolutely have to use them.
  • Be very careful when you have used about 90% of 30 seconds in the extra time bank.
  • Leverage the multiplier round and pocket tokens with the highest points.

Carrom - Interesting Facts

  • Carrom was invented in India.
  • The tokens or the coins in a carrom board are actually called carrom “men.”
  • Early on, carrom was played on glass boards.
  • The International Carrom Federation (ICF) which was formed in 1988 in Chennai is responsible for the standardization of carrom rules across the world.
  • In a carrom tournament, a toss is taken to determine who plays the first turn. The umpire hides a black carrom man and a white carrom man in their hand and the players need to guess. The one who guesses it right, gets to play first.


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