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What is Zupee Ludo Supreme Gold?

Zupee Ludo Supreme Gold is simply another term for Ludo Supreme, a mobile-based online Ludo game developed by Zupee. This real-time online multiplayer game introduces a modern twist to the classic Ludo board game. With captivating graphics and fast-paced gameplay, players not only enjoy a multiplayer strategy experience for 2-4 players but also have the chance to win real money.

Ludo Supreme: Reviews

Win Ludo Money Online! Download Ludo Supreme Gold APK/iOS version.

Win Ludo Money Online! Download Ludo Gold APK/iOS version.

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Winner of Real cash games



Recently I played games on Zupee and enjoyed it very much. I have also won a significant amount by playing this game and have used that money to play more games and win more on the app!

Winner of Real cash games

Anirudh Singh


My gaming experience on Zupee has been amazing! I really enjoy the easy point system and the quick format of the game. I can quickly and easily withdraw money and the best part is there is no minimum deposit required. The referral policy is also great, I referred my friends and got exciting prizes.

Winner of Real cash games



Zupee is a very good gaming platform and we can withdraw cash from it immediately compared to other games. It is a reliable gaming platform. A must-try. Even if we don’t have any money in our gaming account we have the option of a free game. If we win we will get an amount like 15paisa 30paisa

Ludo Supreme download Process

Zupee Ludo Supreme Gold is easily accessible for both iOS and Android users, providing a seamless download process on their respective app stores. Android or iOS users can simply download the file and dive into the gameplay.

Spice up your gaming routine! Download Zupee Ludo Supreme Gold and dive into the captivating world of Ludo. Let the games begin!

Ludo Supreme Gold Apk

Experience the virtual Ludo board with Ludo Supreme. Download the Ludo Supreme Gold APK, also known as Ludo Supreme, by clicking the “Download App” button on this page. Upon clicking Ludo Supreme Gold APK download button, follow these steps for installation:

  • Your Android phone will request permission and inform you of the risks associated with third-party app downloads. Rest assured, Zupee is 100% secure.
  • Install the Zupee APK by selecting “OK.”
  • Navigate to “downloads” or use the file manager to locate the downloaded APK file.
  • Tap on the APK, choose “install,” and then proceed to register. Enjoy your game!

Download Ludo Supreme Gold on iOS

Unlock the world of Ludo Supreme Gold on your iOS device with these simple steps:

  • Click the “Download App” button on this page.
  • After downloading, open the app and kickstart the sign-up process.
  • Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Ludo Supreme on Zupee.
  • Seize the chance to win real money and withdraw your winnings instantly. Experience the thrill of playing Ludo on your iOS device!

You can also watch the Ludo Supreme installation process below: 

Ludo Games

Ludo is generally played between 2-4 players on a 4×4 square board. With the advancement in technology, you can now play Ludo online and win real money.

Besides, whether you play Ludo online or offline, the game’s objective is to move the player’s tokens clockwise around the board, up the home column, and into the Home. However, you must strategize your moves depending on the gameplay.

Zupee is one of the best Ludo Money gaming apps with 4 types of online Ludo games: Download Ludo Supreme & win cash | Win real money with Ludo Ninja | Win real cash with Ludo Turbo | Win real money with Ludo supreme League.

Post Ludo Download: Steps to Play

To play ludo online multiplayer game on Ludo Supreme, aka Ludo Supreme Gold follow these points:

  • Choose the Ludo online game format: 1vs1, 1 winner, 2 winners, and 3 winners.
  • Play Online tournaments With/ Without an entry fee. You can win more Ludo money in the entry fee tournament.
  • Tap the ludo dice online. You don’t need a 6 to start playing. All tokens are in the open position.
  • Every box moved = 1 point. For each Ludo token that you take home, you earn extra 56 points.
  • Win the Online Ludo game by earning maximum points, within a limited timeframe. Learn Ludo online tricks to win.
  • A 2-player ludo online game lasts for 8 minutes, and a 4-player game for 10 minutes.

Key Gameplay Points on Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme gold rules are slightly different from
the classic Ludo game rules:

  1. To play ludo online, no need to roll a 6 to start playing.
  2. Roll a 6, to get an extra turn.
  3. If you roll 6 three times consecutively, you will have to miss a turn.
  4. If you land on a safe box, the opponent’s online Ludo token can’t cut you.
  5. If an opponent’s token lands on your token, your token will be sent back to the start point, and all points made on that token will be lost too.
  6. If you skip your turn more than twice, you lose the online ludo game.
  7. If you don’t play your turn within 10 seconds, you skip your turn.
  8. If an opponent’s token lands on the same box as yours, you’ll lose all the points gathered by that token.

Ludo download: Facts about the game

Here are some of the facts about the Ludo game that we bet you didn’t know:

  • Ludo is a Latin word that means ‘I play.’
  • All numbers on the opposite side of a Ludo dice add up to 7. Go check it!
  • You can play Ludo online without a dice!
  • The track of every color on the ludo board consists of 52 squares around the home area. 48 of these squares are white, and only four are of different colors.
  • Akbar was a big fan of the game. So much so that he had separate courts built to just play Ludo.

Ludo Supreme Download: FAQs

Yes. You can download & play Ludo Supreme, aka Ludo Supreme gold , and stand a chance to win real money by playing less than 10mins games. You can play the game for free or participate in tournaments. Learn how to play Ludo Supreme on Android and iOS mobile phones.
Post Ludo download, You can easily withdraw Ludo online winningsfrom Ludo Supreme game. Log in to your Ludo Supreme account and click on the “Withdraw” option. Fill in the required details, such as bank details, UPI ID, and the amount you want to withdraw. Once you click “Withdraw,” the funds will be transferred to your account.
Yes, it is generally safe to download and play ludo Supreme games. Legitimate ludo online games use secure payment systems to protect your information and provide good customer service. Learn about how spot a genuine online ludo game app.
Post download, 2-4 players can play ludo Supreme games. There are four formats that you can choose from – 1vs1, 1 winner, 2 winners, and 3 winners.
To win ludo games on ludo supreme, you need to follow the game rules and score a maximum number of points. The player or players (in case of 2 or 3 winners) with the most points at the end of the time limit wins the prize pot. Learn about 15 Ludo tricks to always win the game. Download Ludo Supreme APK or iOS and start winning!
Yes. You can download & play Ludo supreme for free. You can easily choose to play ludo without paying any entry fee.
Ludo Supreme is also referred to as Ludo Supreme Gold. Both games are similar. The process to download Ludo supreme gold is similar to Ludo supreme.
Yes. It is safe to download and add money to your Ludo supreme wallet. We have partnerships with the industry’s best, who ensure smooth and safe money transactions. You can add money using UPI, Bank account, Wallets, or Debit/Credit cards.

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