Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Dilsher Singh Malhi

B.Tech from IIT Kanpur 

Dilsher Malhi Zupee

Dilsher is a digital innovations trailblazer, who having pioneered skill-based mobile gaming in India, is now leading several trendsetting concepts that will incentivize learning, reward improvement and simplify complex information. A firm believer in the benefits of gamification and learning through play, he is motivated to use it to improve lives through continual improvement and cognitive development.

Dilsher is a Chemical Engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Dilsher found interest in gamification during his time at IIT when he realized that he would have enjoyed his course more if it could be gamified. From thereon, he has been interested in technology-led innovations that can simplify, engage and entertain.

Apart from making learning fun for people of all ages, his innovations can transform business outcomes through customized solutions aimed at simplifying complex training programs and gamifying monotonous instructions & guidelines. With his current projects he is also providing the users an opportunity to earn through the contribution program that allows people to submit application specific content for monetary benefits. 

After founding Zupee, Dilsher has been focused on enhancing lives through improvement of learning abilities, skills and mental aptitude through application of neurosciences, psychology and visual art. Having already touched 10 million lives through his innovations, Dilsher has secured two rounds of funding for his company and looks set to earn his place in the who’s who of Indian innovators who are touching lives everywhere. 

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