Online Gaming Company

Engage, empower and entertain people through time-tested,
interactive and competitive games of skill

Company Vision

Reaching hundreds of millions of people & enriching their lives with happiness, fruitful engagement and interactive entertainment. 


In a stressful time and an unrelenting world, Zupee aims to bring moments of peace and spread smiles to users all over the world.

Core Values

What Zupee stands for


Business with a soul. Transparency & fair-play at all times


Ethical practices & secure platform to build trust.

Inclusion & Diversity

Everyone is welcome. An idea can come from anywhere

User First

Every product is for the user and every user matters. Language-agnostic games to reach everyone


Community of learners and doers. Zupee encourages people to come together for entertainment, engagement & empowerment

For Good

Business with a soul. Transparency & fair-play at all times

Company Mission

It’s Zupee’s mission to improve people’s lives by bringing happiness to them through games that are familiar, games that offer fair competition and recognition to the users. Zupee has already helped over 10 million people improve their general knowledge, critical thinking and competitive skills in addition to entertaining them, thereby redefining purposeful entertainment.

Who is a Zupeean?

A Zupeean can multiply words and tell stories with numbers, often at the same time. Zupeeans are ambassadors of happiness who take every smile seriously. They will be exceptional and continually improve themselves and those around them. Qualities, such as frugality, quick action, thinking big and insisting on high standards, will come naturally to them. They will always look to set the bar high, and then raise that bar even higher. Above all a Zupeean will be inventive – display resourcefulness when faced with constraints and achieve more with less.

Gaming For Good

Zupee places mission-like importance on bringing positive and engaging experiences to its users. Relying on knowledge across a host of topics, strong returns, high user engagement, and sound tech, Zupee has been winning hearts and minds in a game of skill.