Siddhant Saurabh

B.Tech from IIT Kanpur 

Siddhant Saurabh Zupee

Siddhant is driven by the passion of “building for others” and that is why he could never settle for a job. Coming from a remote part of Bihar, India, computer education was a novelty growing up and now he is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the fastest growing skill-based gaming company in India. 

Siddhant’s professional journey was riddled with obstacles. First, he was raised in one of the remote parts Bihar, where electricity was scarce and access to computers was fairly limited. And when he was selected for a computer sciences course at IIT, Kanpur, he was both excited and worried, as he was just familiarizing himself with Google. After struggling to catch up with his fellow students for three years, Siddhant surpassed them in the fourth year as he topped the class in a number of subjects. This was just the beginning.

Siddhant’s desire to build inspired him to start his own company during the final year of his college, which failed. He learned a valuable lesson, and moved on co-found Zupee, where he built the entire tech stack from scratch. Siddhant is obsessed with solving complex engineering problems by rooting the solutions in strong foundations and scalability. Marrying his passion for gaming with his passion for technology has been a dream come true. From playing games and wondering to developing wonderful games within 10 years, his life has taken an unprecedented turn. He aspires to turn Zupee into one of the top gaming & gamification companies in the world that can create games across disciplines with minimum turnaround time.

Siddhant is troubled by the number of students passing out of Tier-1 colleges opting for jobs, especially outside India, when they could be helping themselves and others by starting something of their own and nurturing it. While he has had several chances to join his fellow students out of the country for a stable job, he decided to stay put and build something for everyone and he couldn’t be happier with his decision. 

His vision is to create pure tech solutions that will have a positive impact on people around the world and he is certainly on the right path with Zupee, where they are creating gaming solutions for everyone to enjoy. The games are based on scientifically proven techniques, employed to improve cognitive function, reflexes, memory, decision-making skills and knowledge. So, essentially, the mission is to empower people and improve their lives through games and gamification.

By incentivizing learning and improvement for people around the world, Zupee has created a new segment of mobile gaming that goes beyond mere entertainment; we can now envision turning the most complex and boring tasks into entertaining games. With 10 million users in the first 2 years, Zupee is smashing records and claiming its place at the very top of innovative gaming companies. Siddhant surely has committed to the idea of building for others and he is proving himself to be one of the best in the business.     

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