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Online Cash Game Reviews

Play real money games in India on Zupee gaming app. Take a look at the reviews below:

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Won iPhone
Real money earning games winner - Mohin

I won an iPhone playing Ludo on Zupee, an app recommended by my friends.

Won ₹75 Lakhs
Real money earning games winner - Appu

I have won more than INR 75 lakhs on Zupee and I am proud to be the leading player from the Chhapra district in Bihar. No one has even come close to competing with me

Won ₹3 Lakhs
Real money earning games winner - Gunjan

From my experience, I can affirm that this game is completely fair and exceptional for timely money withdrawals. If you play with some strategy and understanding, you can earn substantial money.

Won ₹2 Lakhs
Real cash games winner - Sandeep

I played a game for ₹19 and won ₹2 Lakh in 5 to 10 minutes, with the winnings immediately transferred to my bank. I've played Ludo on many apps, but playing on Zupee offers a uniquely enjoyable experience.

Won ₹3.5 Lakhs
Real cash games winner - Nasir Khaan

Zupee is a platform where you compete against real players, and your money is secure. Using my winnings, I purchased an auto rickshaw, enhancing my livelihood. Whenever I get some free time, I always play Ludo on Zupee—it's fun and rewarding.

Won ₹1 Lakh
Real cash games winner - Suman Singh

I've won cash playing Ludo Supreme League. I love this game. It gives you a chance to win more and more every day. Also, withdrawing the winning amount is super easy. I recommend this game to all Ludo players.

Skill-based games on Zupee money game app

Download and win money with these 6 Online Cash Games:

why play money winning games on Zupee?

Play real cash games, Withdraw winnings instantly
Real Money earning games: Legal & Secure
Refer real money games, Earn cash
Play real money earning games 24/7
RNG certifired money games on Zupee
Real money games on zupee offer best customer support

Download money winning app to play online cash games

Money Game App - Steps to install

Steps to install the Zupee money game app and win money online are ...more

  1. Click “Download App” to access online money games for Android or iOS.
  2. Tap “Ok” on the general warning message. Zupee is 100% secure and has been downloaded by over 1 crore players in India.
  3. Locate the app on your device (Check phone notifications/ Downloads folder), then install, sign up.
  4. Start playing your chosen money-winning games like Ludo, Trump Cards, and many more.

How to play online money games and win cash?

Start winning real money by playing online games. Here are a few tips: ...more

  • First, decide which online real cash game you want to focus on. There are a lot of different games to choose from, but some are more likely to win you real money than others.
  • Once you've decided on a game, do your research. Learn the game's rules and determine the best ways to play.


Zupee is a member of all India gaming federation
Zupee is a member of FICCI
Zupee is a member of IAMAL
Zupee is a member of ASSOCAM
Zupee is a member of India Tech
Zupee is a member of BIF

Online Real Cash Games - FAQs

Where can I play money winning games?

There are several online games where you can win cash. One way is through the Zupee money winning app. It is a mobile gaming app that allows users to play various games for real cash like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, and Trump Cards. So, what are you waiting for? Play & put your skills to the test by competing for real cash on Zupee money app.

Is it safe to play real money games on Zupee?

Yes, it is absolutely safe and legal to play real money games on Zupee. Download the Zupee money game app (Android APK/iOS) and play online cash games like Ludo, and Trump cards.

Can I play online cash games and win real money on Zupee?

Yes. You can win actual cash by playing online cash games on Zupee. You can choose from multiple games based on your skills and win up to 10 lakhs. Instant withdrawal using various payment methods like bank transfer or UPI (Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay) is available.

Can I withdraw cash from money winning apps?

Yes. You can withdraw real cash from money winning apps like Zupee. Zupee offers instant and safe cash withdrawals from your wallet using UPI or a Bank account.

Is it safe to add money to the online games wallet?

Yes, adding money to your game wallet is safe. Zupee has partnerships with the industry's best, who ensure smooth and safe money transactions. You can add money using UPI, Bank account, Wallets, or Debit/Credit cards.

How do online real cash games ensure fair play?

There are many ways in which the online money games on Zupee ensure fair play. One such measure is to get RNG certified. RNG certification ensures statistical randomness in the numbers generated by the elements like the dice in the game.

How do online money games in India work?

To play real cash games on Zupee, players add money to their wallets and choose the tournament they would like to play. Once the tournament has enough people, the game begins. There are multiple formats to choose from based on a person’s interest and risk appetite. Every game has a prize pot that gets distributed at the end of the game based on the format one chooses to play. Players can instantly withdraw their cash winnings anytime. Learn about the pros of playing real cash games online.

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