Play Tambola Online with 

live cricket action

Enjoy the classic tambola game online while enjoying a live cricket match on your phone and win real money!

Enjoy the classic tambola game online while enjoying a live cricket match on your phone and win real money!

Play Tambola Online
with live cricket action

Enjoy the classic tambola game online while enjoying a live cricket match on your phone and win real money!

Online Tambola with Live Cricket Action

Play multiplayer Ludo with lakhs of players online. Unleash your gaming skills to win real money.

Why play Zupee Cricket Tambola?

How to download Zupee Cricket Tambola?

You can download Zupee Cricket Tambola by installing the Zupee App. Here is how to install and play tambola online on Zupee: 

  1. On this page click on the “Download App” button to install Zupee App. 
  2. Avoid the general warning message. Click OK.  
  3. Check your phone notification OR go to the downloads folder to locate the app. 
  4. Complete the registration process.
  5. Select the Zupee Cricket Tambola game. 
  6. Watch a Live cricket match and play online tambola on Zupee.

About Tambola Game

Tambola, also known as Housie or Bingo, is a famous game in Asia played with friends and family. The game involves assigning a designated caller/host who distributes tambola tickets to all participants and decides a winning point for the game. Participants strike off the printed numbers on their tickets. The first person to strike off a predetermined winning point wins the game.

Online Tambola - Zupee Cricket Tambola

Zupee Cricket Tambola is an online multiplayer game where Tambola meets live Cricket meets real money! It is a new-age take on the classic Tambola game, with an added flavor of Cricket that not only lets you relive the fun of playing the game but also lets you win real money while enjoying a live cricket match on your mobile phone!

How to play Zupee Cricket Tambola?

To play tambola online on Zupee, download the app and select the Zupee cricket tambola game. Choose a gameplay option and register for the same. Here are steps to play Zupee Cricket tambola online: 
  • All players are given two tambola tickets each, in a locked state, at the start of the game.
  • The tickets have four different numbers on them: LD; 1,2,3; 4,6; and 0. 
  • The events that take place after every delivery in the live match are displayed on your screen. 
  • The events can be:
    • Legal delivery abbreviated as LD
    • Zero runs
    • 1,2 or 3 runs
    • 4 or 6 runs
  • Once these events are displayed, your tickets are unlocked and all boxes carrying the events displayed are automatically highlighted. 
  • You get 15 seconds to make a decision and tap on two boxes to strike them off.
  • Post this, the tickets go back to their locked state till the next delivery. 
  • There are 5 ways to earn points on each tambola ticket: 
    • Corners: 3 points 
    • Top row: 4 points
    • Center row: 6 points 
    • Bottom row: 4 points 
    • Full House: 10 points
  • With each round of events, you and your opponents will strike off boxes to get points.
  • Aim to maximize your score by striking off boxes smartly. 
  • To make things easier, once you form a row, corners or a full house, it is automatically claimed and points are added to your score.
  • It is possible that many other players too may have claimed the same row, corners or full house at the same time. All players are awarded the same points for claiming the same rows, corners or full house. 
  • Once a row, corners or full house is claimed, it cannot be claimed again.
  • The tournament ends when either one or more players claim a full house.                 
  • The player or players with the most points at the end of the game, wins the Zupee cricket tambola game.

Tambola Online Rules - Zupee Cricket Tambola

The rules to play Zupee cricket tambola is  a bit different from the classic tambola game. Here are the rules to play online tambola on Zupee and win real cash: 


  • All players start their games simultaneously. 
  • Events are displayed on your screen as a ball is bowled in a live cricket match. You get 15 seconds to play your turn.  
  • All events displayed will be auto-highlighted on your tambola tickets. 
  • Strike off from highlighted events on your ticket within 15 seconds by tapping on them. 
  • With each round of events, you and your opponents will strike off boxes to earn points. 
  • Every time you claim a row, corners or full house, you win points they carry. 
  • Multiple players can claim the same rows, corners & full house at the same time but once claimed, it cannot be claimed again in any of the tickets. 
  • Score high, rank higher.

Tambola Game - Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the classic tambola game: 


  • Tambola’s history goes back up to the 16th century. The game originates and was first played in Italy. 
  • The game is still played by the French aristocracy.  
  • The game goes by many names, some being Housey/Housie, Bingo and Lotto among others. 
  • A traditional tambola ticket has three rows and nine columns, making 27 spaces. A valid tambola ticket has 15 numbers marked on them ranging from 1 to 90.
  • No tambola ticket features the same number on them. 
  • There are many variations to the classic tambola ticket, such as the Zupee Cricket Tambola ticket, that have four different numbers on them:  LD; 1,2,3; 4,6; and 0.
  • Zupee Cricket Tambola is a variation of the famous Tambola game.  
  • You can win real cash by playing Tambola online on Zupee. 
  • There are many types of classic tambola winning dividends such as Ludo Tambola, Mad house, Pyramid Tambola, etc. 

Online Tambola Game on Zupee - Tips & Tricks

Zupee Cricket Tambola is a variation of the classic tambola game. Thus, the tips to win the online tambola game on Zupee are different from the classic tambola game: 


  • Remember which among rows, corners and full house will give you the most points.  
  • Keep an eye on the timer. Make your move in 15 seconds or less. 
  • Maximize your chance of making points by keeping a check on the possibility of forming more than one row or corners in one go.

Zupee Cricket Tambola - FAQs

Zupee Cricket Tambola is a multiplayer online tambola game where you play tambola while watching a live cricket match. Strike off the numbers on the tambola ticket based on the live cricket match, earn maximum points, and stand a chance to win real money!

Tambola is a number-based game played on a specially designed card partially filled with numbers from 1 to 90. These cards are known as tambola tickets. When you play tambola online, the tickets are different. Tickets in Zupee Cricket Tambola have some unique differences.

Every player gets two tickets at the start of each game. These tickets have events on them such as A) legal delivery (LD), B) zero runs, C) 1,2, or 3 runs, and D) a 4 or a 6. When events are announced in the game, you have to tap on the events on the ticket to form rows, corners & full house.

You can join the Zupee Cricket Tambola game by downloading the Zupee app. To start playing, locate the game on the app. Once the online tambola game is installed, go to the lobby page and take your pick. You can see all details about the game.

Yes, you can win real money in the Zupee Cricket Tambola game. Zupee also offers online real cash games like Ludo, Carrom, and Trump cards.

Yes. It is safe to play Cricket tambola on Zupee. Zupee app is 100% safe and secure and only partners with verified payment gateway companies.

Yes. Withdrawing your winnings from the Zupee cricket tambola game is super easy. Fill in the required bank details and select withdraw option on the Zupee App. Money with instantly get transferred to your account.

Yes. It is safe to add money to the Zupee wallet and play Cricket Tambola. Zupee has partnered with credible companies like Razorpay, Cashfree, and Juspay to ensure safe and smooth transactions.

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