Online Gaming in India - A Sunrise Sector

Skills, Gaming & The Economic Rebound – The Big Picture​​

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Gaming & The Economic Rebound

The Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic was one of the worst calamities of our generation. Not only did it create havoc globally by bringing suffering and loss of life, it also stressed the economy. Many companies had to shut down while others had to make cuts to keep surviving. Media & Entertainment sector was also hit hard and only a few segments managed to do well. One segment, in particular, did really well, growing 43% in 2020.

Online gaming in India was the fastest growing segment on the back of transaction-based games, and a 31% growth in online gamers. Digital Media and Animation & VFX were the only two other sectors to post a remarkable growth during this period.

Impact of Pandemic on Media & Entertainment

Table: Revenue for different segments of Media & Entertainment Industry

Source: FICCI & EY Report – Media & Entertainment 2020

What will the economic rebound look like? Market trends for Online Gaming for 2025

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Million Users
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Growth of the online gaming segment in India

Table: Growth of online gaming in India (2014 to 2025)

Source: KPMG Reports (2017 through 2020)

Online Gaming in India - The Evolution of a Sunrise Sector


Mobile game downloads in the first 3 quarters of 2020

Making India the fastest growing online gaming market in the world

Online Gaming in India - Challenges & Opportunities



Generating Employment Opportunities For A Digital India


people employed in gaming industry in 2020
up from 25,000 in 2017

Many companies such as Zupee saw a 100% growth in headcount during the pandemic. This trend is expected to continue to facilitate the growth of the industry. We expect a 150% growth in direct employment opportunities by 2025. This does not include indirect jobs.

Employment Opportunities in the Gaming Sector in India

Jobs in AI, Immersive tech, VFX, Coding, 3D & 4D, Marketing & Communications, Data Science, Design and UX will be created

Skilling For Digital India

Gaming sector has benefitted tremendously from the Digital India programme & is now contributing to it.

Generating Employment Opportunities For A Digital India


of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, according to WEF


million employees to be reskilled/upskilled by Government and industry together over a period of 5 years


million people working in industry and service sectors. 
Imagine reskilling or upskilling 50% of them.

Gamification - A New Approach to Skilling & Learning

Gaming to Gamification – Gaming companies are the logical choice for new approaches to learning & skilling

The Big Picture – The Future is Now

Online gaming sector in India needs to be to protected, encouraged and celebrated to reach its full potential. The sector will act as a doorway to gamification, which will have applications across verticals. This is transform learning and skilling which in turn will help us prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. A central, progressive policy framework will invite more investments in the sector. This will help in its growth, which will also generate employment opportunities across various disciplines. India is one of the 5 leading markets for online gaming and we have a chance to turn it into a gaming hub. The time to act is now, the future is here!

Online Gaming - The Big Picture