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Vidhya is a Content Strategist with Zupee. Growing up, she was an avid gamer who loved spending hours playing everything from Contra to Counterstrike. When not writing a blog on how one can get the most of the games at Zupee, she can be found befriending dogs and cats at places she travels to.
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Ludo Trivia and Facts

Ludo Trivia – 16 facts we bet you didn’t know

January 16, 2022 By Vidhya Bharathi

We’ve all played Ludo as a kid. The colorful board, the little prayers before rolling the dice, the calling out ‘cheater’, the happy dance when you win, and the shrieks of despair when you lose — all too familiar but lives as nostalgia in our heads. Our favorite childhood game has made a comeback and … Read more